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Mighty No. 9 stretch goals ignoring Xbox One, PS4 due to tech unfamiliarity

Mighty No. 9, the new Kickstarter campaign from Keiji Inafune, has numerous stretch goals, one of which is console ports for Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 if pledges make it to $2.5 million. Since the game is being developed for PC, wouldn't it make more sense to port to Xbox One and PS4? Both of which are built on x86 PC architecture.

"One of the clearest reasons is that the developer, who is developing the core of the production, is Inti Creates, and they're not familiar with next-gen," Inafune told Joystiq during an interview at PAX Prime. (Mighty No. 9, PS4, Xbox One)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   668d ago
Well you aren't going to get familiar by bypassing them.....
Chuk5  +   668d ago
haha word.
buynit  +   668d ago
True... But to be fair he did say in the article its more of a budget thing, they have a set goal of 2.5 mill...

In order to bring it to the next gen they would of had to build new software and that would have gone over their goal..

Thats fine imo.. I would love to see devs continue putting all their focus on this gen for a few more yrs... Of course i dont mean the heavy hitter devs! Just the small devs with great ideas thats not ready to spend money on next gen so early when its clear they wont make any money back, i mean no offense the game at all... But really who will play this at the launch of a new gen with games like kz and ki?!

I would also love to see this gen consoles to live on for many yrs where new and creative up and coming devs can work with and grow from it.
NYC_Gamer  +   668d ago
PS4/X1 should be the much easier platforms since they both use x86 same as PC
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ABizzel1  +   668d ago
That's what I was thinking.

I know he has experience on the PS360, but PS4 and XB1 are dedicated hyper-stylized PC's. Developers have been saying it take only 2 - 3 months to port over a PC game to PS4, and have it running (although not a fully playable framerates). At that point it boils down to optimizing the code to run on your console of choice. I would think the XB1 to be in a similar position with Windows 8 as it's OS.

My guess is it boils down to install base, 160+ million PS360 owner by the time the game launches vs. 20+ million PS4 / XB1 owners. That being said why do a Wii U version and not PS4 / XB1?
die_fiend  +   668d ago
Dear oh dear. That ninja gaiden thing he's trying looks absolute garbage. This isn't devastating news
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EXVirtual  +   668d ago
DAMN!!! But they have X86 architectures, same as PC, the main platform you're making it on! If it doesn't happen this time, Mighty No.9 2 has to be on next gen consoles!
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XisThatKid  +   668d ago
this would be a day one buy for me especially on Vita
Majin-vegeta  +   668d ago
Well tweet it to Gio Corsi and let him know.
ZHZ90  +   668d ago
I have hope for PS4 version.
ZHZ90  +   667d ago
Hey whats the disagree for?

If your Xbox fanboy I also hope for Xbox One version too.
Unless if you give me a disagree because of you don't want versions for next gen consoles why? Besides it'll also increase sells for Comcept!
Hicken  +   668d ago
Seems like... this is kind of an excuse. I mean, it can't be that difficult to code for these systems, and you can even get the dev kits for next to nothing for both consoles.
JunioRS101  +   667d ago
I didn't know how i felt about all of these kickstarter projects, but after hearing colin moriarty explain why it's a selfish move on their part, i must agree.

kickstarting is basically like exploiting the super fans who are willing to fund the creation of something without actually reaping the benefits of being an investor, which is kind of shallow in my opinion.

kickstarter would work better if every investor got a proportional amount of shares of the product relative to their initial investment, that way if you fund something that turns out to be a really good idea then you'll actually benefit from your invested interest.

otherwise, they're basically begging for your money and then taking all the profits for themselves.

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