Tired of all these useless PS Vita Firmware updates? You can blame us... partially

Hackers explain how up to 50% of Vita's firmware updates in the past 18 months had the sole purpose of fixing hacks and did not bring anything to the end user.

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porkChop1929d ago

I understand the need to block hacks, and that's fine. But it's really annoying to have to update my Vita and get no additional functionality or anything at all. Fix the hacks, sure, but only when you have something to add to the user experience. Useless updates are not welcome.

HakatoX1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

i completely disagree, security updates ensure system longevity. grow some hair and deal with th two minutes it takes to update.

spok22 sums it up for the whiners and cryers

spok221929d ago

I'm okay with updates who's sole purpose keep the system secure. It usually doesnt take any more than 5 minutes to take care of anyways. What i'm not okay with is the psp situation, where it lost a lot of its dev support because of hackers, happening all over again with the vita.

HakatoX1929d ago

not really.
the psp was running ISO in its first month.
they have yet to crack the vita portion of the system.
all they tinker wit is the psp emulator.
the vita is nowhere near the demise that the psp suffered.

also the vita needs devs to lose devs.

elnacho1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Hackers are the people who made things like the Internet or your computer work. They are the people without whom you wouldn't be able to overclock your computer, and many of the prototypes created by hackers end up in "official" systems one day or another. They are the heart of innovation in the computer industry. Steve Wozniak was a hacker selling blue boxes before he founded Apple with Steve Jobs.

I think the people you hate are pirates and people who cheat online, not hackers.

At the core, the word "hacker" mostly means somebody who's curious about how things work and tries to understand them.

Just saying, you got the wrong definition of the people you hate, I think.

Hicken1929d ago

Well, it's obvious the type of hackers he means.

He's not talking about the ones that reverse engineer things and wind up making stuff better.

He's talking about the type that ruin things for others.

HakatoX1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Not only that, Hackers made PSone games possible on the PSP even before sony could. Hackers do help to a degree and show companies what people really want out of the hardware provided.... not talking piracy either.

Examples: IR Shell, POPSTATION, PMP streamer, PSP GPS functionality support, and most of all LANGUAGE PACKS

Ereader and comic reader on the DS.
the list can go on for days

r211928d ago

The comment section on the interesting to say the least.

HakatoX1928d ago

This is one of those few instance where I can relate to both sides (sans useless update comments).

I have a hacked psp and two legit Vitas. I have no intention of hacking the vita nor do I want to see it vulnerable in any way whatsoever.

there are no homebrew utilities for the vita that aren't available and better on the psp. not talking iso or emulation either.

I am a huge proponent of being able to use hardware to its fullest. You dont buy a sports car so the company can limit you to 45mph, do you? Or buy a pitol to find out it has been modified to hold a single twenty two round?

In my head it doesnt make any sense.