Project Phoenix aiming for 50-60 hours of gameplay, combat missions detailed

Project Phoenix, the Kickstarter-funded tactical JRPG from Creative Intelligence Arts, will likely feature between 50-60 hours of gameplay. Director Hiroaki Yura has explained some of the combat missions you’ll be completing during that time in a new interview.

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GreatGamePlay1926d ago

I would love an option to stare at playable female character for 50-60 hours.

wishingW3L1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

too bad is not gonna reach the 1 million goal for fully explorable over-world. And then people say that JRPG is not dead but look at the few supporters this project, with triple A talent, has.

Craigatorian1926d ago

I don't care how long it is, I just want to see if it's actually good, the finishing product I mean.

KingofGambling1926d ago

I think the developer is bringing back the good old days of JRPG toward this game and one of them was one my favorite JRPG, Suikoden II.

Cryptcuzz1925d ago

Combat will be akin to StarCraft?

Did I read that right? If so, I'm interested to see how they pull this off since I love StarCraft.

I hope it reaches its stretch goal so the game can be the best it can, while being well funded.