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Mike.M @ writes:

"DO NOT sleep on Dying Light. The all-new zombie game from Techland. I’m telling you, this is not Dead Island 3. Throw out all of your expectations based on what Techland has done in the past with that other zombie game because that’s what they’ve done.

I sat down with Pawel Kopinski, International PR & Marketing Director for Techland, and walked through a special behind closed doors demo of Dying Light. This nighttime version of their demo was not available on the show floor at PAX 2013."

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redwin1932d ago

It seems genetic. Gotta have more than a different control scheme to make it worth it or it'll become a first week trade in.

AG-Mike1931d ago

Wouldn't you say that about any new franchise? This is not Dead Island by any stretch, so if that is your frame of reference, it is extremely different.