'Diablo 3' on PS3 did not cut out any menus versus on PC

One of the biggest concerns heading into the launch of Diablo 3 was how the development team at Blizzard would handle all of the menus that exist in the PC version of the game.

For those who may have been worried about this, there won't be much of a difference with the types and amount of menus in the game, and they should not be interuptive of the overall experience on consoles.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Matthew Berger, who is the senior level designer for Diablo 3, talked about how the development had to create a robust inventory system, especially with all of the menus in the game.

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josephayal1873d ago

the console version sounds better

1873d ago
thekhurg1873d ago

Hoping the PS4 version is early 2014...

sorane1873d ago

With or without menus the game isn't good. Don't believe the hype. Save your money......

yeahokchief1873d ago

Too busy playing Dragon's crown. Much better game. Cheaper. More bosses. Better itemization. More classes to play as. Better coop etc

Revolver_X_1872d ago

DC consists of 9 10 minute stages, with nothing endearing enough to warrant replay value. The game gives you 90% trash loot like Borderlands 2. While I like the bosses, the skills are so limited it lacks any kind of experimentation with character builds. Coop better? REALLY? With the hacking and noob rushers, online coop in DC sucks. I wish I could get my $50 back from PSN.

yeahokchief1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Haha Revolver_X_ is a noob.

Hacked items were patched and theres no problem with that. The game has actually gotten 2 patches with loads of improvements already. Beefy patches with a lot of adjustments that make the game more fun.

The gear absolutely promotes new builds especially when you start making progress in labrynth of chaos to get the gear with the special abilities which you can mix and match. You likely got nowhere close to that point though judging by your impressions of the game.

The "noob rushers" are getting through the zone faster because the more stages you do consecutively the better the loot you get. You don't want to be taking durability loss from little enemies. Plus this becomes on non issue if you're actually playing with your friends as opposed to strangers. And i've made a TON of friends playing this game. People i've met on this game are taking up most my PSN friend list. You're the noob my friend.

Tolten961873d ago

I am getting it on consoles it got great reviews

pyramidshead1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

The fact that D3 isn't always online(I think, right?) on the console versions is already convincing me to buy it. Will wait for PS4 version though. Loved me some D1, & D2 even more.

kingmushroom1873d ago

Got to hell with your friends !.....good ad

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