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Bethesda: Nintendo didn’t engage third-party enough before Wii U reveal

Nintendo Insider writes:

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has poured scorn on Nintendo’s efforts to discuss their intentions for Wii U with third-party publishers ahead of the console’s announcement.

Asked as to what the company could do once again attract them, Hines stated that the time for that “has long past” and that Microsoft and Sony involve them in the design process far more. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   547d ago
The current leadership of Nintendo is just out of touch with many publishers/studios
Infamous298  +   547d ago
like adam sessler said, nintendo must fire people.
lilbroRx  +   547d ago
You do know that Nintendo is still making a profit right?

Why would they want to fire people who are making them money?
trafalger  +   547d ago
"You do know that Nintendo is still making a profit right?"

that is likely on the handhelds, not the wii u which is what this article is about. nintendo has had poor relations with third party that goes back decades, not just years.
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zeal0us  +   547d ago
At this late in the stage I doubt firing will do much.

Firing someone now won't drive sells up or provide more quality 3rd party games rather rush ports.
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trafalger  +   547d ago
this is what happens when you run your company from within a bubble.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   547d ago
Reggie's secretary, "Bethesda is here". Reggie, "Meh"
AbortMission  +   547d ago
Lmao who would even dislike this? These are pure, unadulterated facts. Nintendo really is out of touch with 3rd parties and they'd rather be the Fisher Price of video games, making Mario games and systems (2DS) for kids, over getting a variety of games and the support of the core gamer market.
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zeal0us  +   547d ago
Instead making that silly little video about on how you publisher thought Nintendo WiiU change gaming at E3 2012(could been 2011) you guys should've went to them and gave them some demands.

I would have rather seen the WiiU delay a year or two with better third party support than release sooner with terrible third party support.
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falcon97  +   547d ago
The situation isnt that bad now with wiiu ???? Sega's 3 games,that Capcom game,that Namco/Nintendo pokemon game,ect ect,and most of the meaniful 3rd party games like Watchdogs,COD Ghosts,Assasins creed 4,Batman origins,ect ect......
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zeal0us  +   547d ago
Except for the fact many of those game won't get the same treatment as their console counterparts will on the wiiU. Batman:Origin is missing multiplayer but they still want to charge $60 for it. Either add the MP or lower the price.
What I'm saying is if publishers/developers like Bethesda felt like Nintendo didn't engage with 3rd parties enough then should have went to them. Instead most of them jump on the train and were singing praises to Nintendo. Now comes 2013 and we see most of them have jump the fence and making complaints.
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AbortMission  +   547d ago
3rd parties like Bethesda now have to beg for Nintendo to do their job right? Lol what world do you live in? This is NINTENDO'S fault and Nintendo's fault only.

Enough damage controlling the fact that Nintendo is like that socially awkward guy who can't get a pretty girl (3rd parties) to date him (put games on their system)
zeal0us  +   547d ago
I know Nintendo takes part of the blame but publishers and developers also take part of the blame as well.

Should Nintendo built a better system to satisfy the needs of 3rd party developers/publishers? Yes.

Should 3rd party developers went to Nintendo about Nintendo's system need improvements to satisfy their needs? Yes.

For instance you give the group you're overseeing a project to do. It's your responsibility job to make sure the project is getting done efficiently. Its the group's responsibility to report any problems to you that project may present.
GreenRanger  +   547d ago
"Asked as to what the company could do once again attract them, Hines stated that the time for that “has long past”"

ChickeyCantor  +   547d ago
Don't think Bethesda ever really cared for Nintendo. They tried with a crappy racing game, event hough they knew it wouldn't sell.
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   547d ago
Oh Bethesda come back when you actually made a game for Nintendo then say that.

Besides I wouldn't want your games on Wii U anyways. From what I played Skyrim on 360 got me bored about 3 hours in.

On Topic.

Maybe Nintendo went to the developers who once supported them every generation and not just some random publishers who never had interest.
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AbortMission  +   547d ago
Lol @ your damage control. How you drones twist these things, I have no idea.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   547d ago
How is it twisting.
Did any Nintendo fan say they want every Third Party Developer or Publisher on Wii U. OR did you see me post about how I want said game or publisher bring this game to Wii U.

I careless about western third party publishers.

I am all for Japanese Gaming.
buynit  +   547d ago
a lot of 3rd party turned their back on nintendo a long time ago abd since then they have been doing just fine marching to their own drum beat..
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310dodo  +   547d ago
It might sound insane, but maybe Nintendo should "free agent" some talent from SONY and Microsoft.

If Nintendo with its phenomenal 1st party titles, created a system that could rival the PS4/X1 (PS5/X2). Sony/MS would feel that blow pretty hard I think.
falcon97  +   547d ago
WiiU can rival xbox1 and ps4 in graphics and even more so in gameplay.....a custom E6760 with edram is more powerful and has more bandwidth ram then ps4 or xbox1 ????
R00bot  +   547d ago
He didn't say it was more powerful.

He said it can rival them graphically.
Ol_G  +   547d ago
wow you make games like skyrim and you dare to talk like that assface
Kos-Mos  +   547d ago
But dear bethesda, only the casuals cares about your games. You used to be special, now you`re nothing...an empty shell wothout soul. passion or charisma.
zeal0us  +   547d ago
Wait people who love angry birds, candy crush, subway surfer and farmvile cares about TES and Fallout? What is this blasphemy you speak?
exfatal  +   547d ago
believe it or not casual gamers aren't just people whole play those types of games, casuals are people who play games ever so often and pick up the popular ones there friends are playing or crowd is following. c.o.d and sport games are some examples. skyrim is up there too.
zeal0us  +   547d ago
By your statement every popular pc/console game is casual. Not just CoD, sports games and Skyrim.

I think the term "casual" and "casual gamers" get thrown around heavily without people understand its meaning.

Casual games are simple and lacks the complexity that core games have to offer. Almost anyone can play Angry Birds because all it requires you do is swipe your finger across the screen. However not everyone can play Madden and understand what they're doing. Mainly because Madden offer rules and feature gameplay that's more complex than average casual game like Angry Birds. I till this day still don't understand how to play Madden but I have no problem playing most RPG's and RTS's.

Being popular doesn't makes a game casual.
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Kos-Mos  +   546d ago
Haha, define complexity please. Try beating Mario: Lost Levels and tell me there`s not complexity in that game. Do it I said!
In Skyrim you can close your eyes and push forward and then you finished the game after a couple of hours, if you die you can be sure there was a checkpoint 20 seconds ago. And that is not casual?
Everyone can play gow, gears, cod, gta, killzone, halo, me, skyrim, unchartered because they are so damned easy and without depth story wise .
SpiralTear  +   547d ago
I will say this: Nintendo's goal of creating a system and just setting it in front of the developers isn't the best way to gain support from them. They need to accommodate the developers better. That's why the PS4 (a "developer's system") is getting such praise from developers of all shapes and sizes.

However, Bethesda is not entirely innocent here either. "I’m going to focus on other ones that better support what it is we’re trying to do," is kind of an "you don't do what we want, so forget you" phrase, one that completely ignores Bethesda incredibly poor record with the PS3 this generation.

I don't think Hines is distributing the blame in a fair way.
Yep  +   547d ago
Gonna have to call Nintendo out on this one. Not including third party developers in the design decision was not the best idea they've ever had.

I mean, it's not like they created an undesirable system that nobody wants to develop for (Because people do if it sells well enough to warrant development), but how could Nintendo have possibly known what kind of support they were going to be getting if they didn't engage in frequent talks with the developers before the reveal?

But I guess that's why Nintendo platforms sell well as First Party intensive platforms. Where there aren't multiplats, there damn well will be exclusives.
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RFornillos4  +   547d ago
with so many 3rd party developers, I don't think Nintendo will approach them all. and if Nintendo ended up involving all the 3rd parties in the development of the Wii U, we would have ended up with a $600 or more console, given that it will always have a 2nd screen. if 3rd parties got involved, it may end up having the best specs of the 3 consoles, yet also the most expensive. and Nintendo has always been conscious about pricing their product.

i don't believe Nintendo did not approach any of the 3rd parties, and the evidence is clearly Ubisoft having been given time to experiment on using a 2nd screen and came out with the exclusive ZombiU; then there's the supposed "unprecedented" relationship with EA (which eventually didn't push through because of the Origin issue); and a bunch of other 3rd parties who supported the Wii U in some way initially.

and really, Bethesda. you have a great game with SkyRim (i know, coz I have it on PC), but it's not like it's perfect with all the bugs early on.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   547d ago
Bethesda makes a point
But what were their demands, needs, and suggestions?

-We already know that Nintendo was not going to spend all of their money on making a Gaming PC.

-We know that to Nintendo the GamePad is very important.

-We also know that Nintendo wanted a cheaper console and that they did not want to sell at a huge loss like Sony is doing with the PS4.

If Bethesda's suggestions built the PS4 and XB1 then they would never have been listened to by Nintendo because That would have been too far.

So, then what is their to debate about?
Sorry it did not work-out, Good wishes to both?
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lizard81288  +   547d ago
I don't even remember a time when Bethesda made a Nintendo game. I find it annoying for a dev/pub to bash said company without making games for them. I can understand 1st parties though and to some extent 2nd parties, but 3rd parties....why burn your bridges with them?

I have a feeling EA burning their path with Nintendo will hurt them eventually. Now that the Wiiu is on par with next gen consoles (not as weak compared to the Wii) I'm sure EA will want some of that money, plus by the time the ps4 and X1 come out, the Wiiu will have a larger install base.

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