Killer Instinct Dev: Anything That Hinders 60 FPS is "Removed or Optimized", Praises Xbox One Cloud

GB: "We recently got a chance to interview lead producer Michael Willette and design director David Verfaillie from Double Helix Games. Double Helix are developing Killer Instinct which is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be running at a slick 60 frames per seconds."

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AceBlazer131901d ago

Wait what? That doesn't sound right,sounds down right lazy.Could you imagine the battlefield devs removing stuff that hindered the fps.I'm sure alot of devs probably do this but a fighting game? Really?How much could there be to slow down the fps.

green1901d ago

There are always limitations with hardware no matter what it is.If there were none, then why aren't games indistinguishable from real life?

There are always graphical effects, physics or non playable characters, features etc that will have to be removed in-order for a game to be OPTIMIZED for systems.

AceBlazer131901d ago

I know limitations are there but I would expect to see something like this from bigger games, game that demand more you know? What could they have really had that needed removing or optimization just to keep 60fps.A fighting game is the last place I expected to hear this from a 2d fighting game nonetheless.

Eonjay1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

The game looks great but with all due respect its just a fighting game. How could it not run at 60FPS on next gen. Look at Forza, it has way more going on and it hits 60FPS so while I'm glad they are locked in at 60FPS 720P, I don't see this a as technical feat.

Eonjay1901d ago

So far, the best looking Xone launch game is Forza 5:

Forza is 60FPS 1080P
KI is 60FPS 720P
Ryse is 30FPS 1080P
DR3 is 30FPS 1080P

trafalger1901d ago

the cloud will also reduce or eliminate the lag that previous fighting games had challenges with during online matches. i enjoyed playing with people from japan (to get my ass kicked, lol) but it was awful most of the time because of connection issues. those 300,000 servers are around the globe and will make online gaming a much better experience. cloud data also allows them the ability to make adjustments on the fly without you even knowing it.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )


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Septic1901d ago

They have to strike a balance between maintaining high FPS, which is very important in a beat-em-up (especially a fast-paced one such as this) and more so than something like Battlefield whilst making the game aesthetically pleasing as this is a next-gen title.

It's not lazy- its the right thing to do.

HammadTheBeast1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I think his question is, how much do they need to optimize for a fighting game? Most aren't pushing console limit's by any means, 60 fps in a fighting game is a given, especially when it's running at 720 p.

Either way, I'm hoping Cinder makes it into the roster.

Scatpants1901d ago

I'd be surprised if this game didn't run at 60 FPS on xbox 360. He's just bullshitting people that don't understand that fighting games don't consume as much resources as other games.

JP13691901d ago

No, it's a bad dev team. Just because MS is suddenly paying them to make KI, it doesn't mean Double Helix suddenly became a great dev. They can imitate the KI look and feel, but the can't imitate talent. A fighting game with that art style shouldn't have any problem running 1080P/60.

sincitysir11901d ago

Ill stick to the snes version

user74029311901d ago

goddam right, i got the ki snes edition still.

mwjw6961901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

If you buy the full KI bundle you get the SNES version too! YAY!

@DirtyPimp same here.

kingPoS1900d ago

Second on the N64 version

kingdip901901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I'm sure that the system is powerful enough to run the game top notch on its own, I'm with you this doesn't sound right.... optemizing I can see, removing things outright not so much

ChronoJoe1901d ago

You're obviously not familiar with fighting games, they need to be locked to 60 fps for smooth, consistent gameplay. They can't afford to drop a frame.

Plus there's a lot going on in a fighting game, just because it doesn't feature 3D movement doesn't mean the models and environments aren't rendered in 3D, or that the textures aren't of very high resolution.

Furthermore there's a lot going of effects and so forth that trigger with every button press, many of which featuring unique and extravagant animations and effect, bringing even more assets onto the screen.

Ultimately it's just prioritizing silky smooth gameplay over visual fidelity, which is how fighting games really need to be built. With that said, Killer Instinct looks visually stunning, so they're clearly not using this as an excuse to skimp out in that department.

JackOfAllBlades1901d ago

Battlefield 3 on Xbox One, now running on Minecraft Engine. Preorder today for exclusive in-game content including the diamond shotgun.

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GamersRulz1901d ago

yeah, that why it look like current gen game.

CrossingEden1901d ago

Because good graphics are obviously the most important part of next gen.

ThatCanadianGuy5141901d ago

For $500, yeah.I expect it to look better then a 360 game

josephayal1901d ago

Not going to make the graphics better

LiarasBoobs1901d ago

totally not interested in killer instinct anyway

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sandman2241901d ago

It's currently running at 720p, get out of here. I hope not. I thought for sure 1080p was something that they could handle.

MariaHelFutura1901d ago

Double Helix's previous games.

They haven't had much success w/ anything.

Infamous2981901d ago

I agree, double helix's latest games sucked.

Septic1901d ago

But does this mean that we should instantly dismiss their efforts with Killer Instinct?

I've played the game and I'm very confident that this game will become an instant classic.

MariaHelFutura1901d ago

"But does this mean that we should instantly dismiss their efforts with Killer Instinct?"

No. But I would say be cautiously optimistic, based on their previous work. It's not out of line for me to say that. I'm pretty sure they have made a game with an average rating over 65.

Septic1901d ago

I understand your hesitation and yes, its logical to be cautiously optimistic. Here's hoping Double Helix can do the Killer Instinct name justice.

Infamous2981901d ago

Septic, i am not saying that killer intstinct is bad, microsoft made a bad move entrusting killer instinct to double helix, double helix is known for bad games.

Ripsta7th1901d ago

And what makes you think MS wont have some of their devs w them helping them?

MasterCornholio1901d ago

After what they did to silent hill i can never forgive Double Helix.

Same goes for Nihilistic software for destroying Resistance and Call of Duty on the Vita.

CrossingEden1901d ago

You need to stop going to EVERY xbox one article with the intent of spreading negativity, we get it, you don't like xbox one, grow up and move on with your life.

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