Comcept would love Mighty No. 9 on PS4/Vita, but only if there's interest and financial viability

Comcept has taken to Twitter to answer questions from fans about Mighty No. 9 and have commented on whether PS4 and Vita versions are being considered.

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Majin-vegeta1904d ago

Ok guys lets tweet this Gio corsi.I think thats his name.

SonyNGP1904d ago

Don't tell me what to do.

xxPillsxx1904d ago

Don't tell me what to do...
I'm smart enough to know what to do.

snitch_puck1904d ago

yes. never EVER tell us what to do.

imdaboss11904d ago

im goin to donate another 60 dollar now. i hope they will release it on the PS4. All playstation fans will wet themself

Godmars2901904d ago

Have to wonder they neither Sony nor MS, Nintendo for that matter, didn't scoop up the project before it became a public whisper.

AceBlazer131904d ago

Only if there's interest?I can guarantee you that a good portion of those funds are from people who hope to see it on their console.

EXVirtual1904d ago

Tweet Gio Corsi! Get Sony's 3rd party production team to get this game on the PS4 and VITA! Let's go guys!!

savaroth1904d ago

Not so sure if Sony will want any part in this. Capcom might not really be all to happy. ( legal rights and stuff )

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