What's the Reason for Sony's Indie Game Push?

With Sony continually driving home the message of indie gaming, we take a look at why they've chosen this approach.

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Majin-vegeta1848d ago

Because unlike two other companies Sony takes risks and wants the best of everything for their console.

HolyDuck1848d ago

Doesn't Microsofts Xbox 360 have an indie marketplace?

Insomnia_841848d ago

To bring mobile casual gamers to consoles and convert them to console hardcore gamers! That's the strategy, Cerny said it himself in an interview.

Bundi1848d ago

Sony aren't taking the risks, unless they are actually publishing the games themselves.
Your statement makes no sense whatsoever, allowing indies to self publish is not the same as financially backing indie game development which would constitute 'taking a risk."

devwan1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

@ Bundi " not the same as financially backing indie game development"

The fundamental concepts behind Sony's whole pro-indie ethos are all about supporting and nurturing and removing barriers. Look at Shahid Ahmad - that man LIVES IT.

It's not all about money and that's not all that is important to an indie studio - there are actually some people in the games industry with integrity and a genuine desire to do things a bit differently you know...

HammadTheBeast1848d ago

No, it's because the major teams like SSM, ND, and MM have all quit, so Indies are all $ony have going for them.

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Kayant1848d ago

Very well written article. Good read.

sdugowe1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Because the 3DS wasn't a risk, because the Wii U wasn't a risk? The safest player has always been Microsoft but both them and Sony just follow up on what Nintendo does with more expensive technology.

sincitysir11847d ago

What's wrong with that? U get ur risky Nintendo and I get my amazing Sony/Microsoft /a but seriously they all take and give. It's life. Live it, love it, play WITH it ;)

sdugowe1845d ago

Nothing wrong with it at all. Safe works; it's not always the most exciting but it's usually the most stable. I was just disillusioning a fanboy.

IRetrouk1848d ago

How else are they going to find fresh new talent? Indies are the future devs for our games, what better way to get started is there at the moment?

kalkano1848d ago

I expect to get bashed for saying this, but:

Unless this leads to other genres being brought back into the AAA space, this is all pointless.

sincitysir11847d ago

SOMEBODY GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BASH THIS GUY WITH. Preferably a stone statue of a ps symbol! NOW

- on a much softer note, nice opinion. Others will agree an others will disagree! I politely disagree.

Indies are the soft cream between an Oreo! They're there and u either love it or wipe that shit off and move on!

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