Dragon Age: Inquisition's secret base camp replacement will make you "freak out"

Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't have the base camp feature from previous games in the series - but BioWare has high hopes for its secret replacement.

In Dragon Age: Origins base camp acted as a hub from which you could chat with your party members, give them gifts and enchant your gear, among other things.

Inquisition doesn't have this because the game is structured differently, but watch this space, BioWare Edmonton producer Cameron Lee told Eurogamer.

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vishmarx1930d ago

its gotta be a huge dragon itself

Eamon1930d ago

lol, having romance dialogue with party members... on top of a huge archdemon :D

Regis1929d ago

I am always a huge a fan of Dragon Age games and I can't wait for this game