PS4 UI and Social Features, Shuhei Yoshida on Ease of Use

One of the most memorable moments from our Gamescom press conference was surely the sight of Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida taking the gathered audience on a tour of the new PS4 user interface, live on stage, from the comfort of a big leather armchair.

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Smurf11780d ago

Hilarious thumbnail :D

black0o1780d ago

I LOLzz so much that day

Eonjay1780d ago

That is one smooth interface.

TomShoe1780d ago



I see what you did there.

MariaHelFutura1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

It's easy to sleep for Shuhei and friends lately. There's not much to stress about when there is little to no competition.

skydragoonity1780d ago

lol Maria... Little to no competition indeed!

TheKingWilliamV1780d ago


Our friendly neighborhood troll

1780d ago
ZHZ901780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )


@TheKingWilliamV, your mad bro?
Not to mention you've bunches of Xbots that are trolling us PS4 people whether at the front or the back



johndoe112111780d ago

@ ashahab862

That pic made me laugh so hard!! ROFL!!!

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FACTUAL evidence1780d ago

They are talking social media, i'm going to be a little upset if the ps4 can't do voice messaging.

tracyllrkn1780d ago

If you payed attention to the UI video, you would know that it has voice messaging.

BitbyDeath1780d ago

Spectator mode has got to be the best next-gen feature yet!

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koh1231780d ago

Then how to add wallpaper or dy wallpaper in ps4 UI???????

Pinkdolphinyfg1780d ago

Shitty and janky ui but sony fanboys will call it "simple and clean" to cover their ass because they know its crap too. Lmao its like a blackberry ui compared to Android jelly bean on xbox.

LordNikon1780d ago

Why do you come in here with such hostility? You can have your opinion, but it doesn't mean everyone will agree to it. And it doesn't mean that everyone who disagree's with it is biased. You should rather be cogent with your opinions/argument, rather than the base of it being ad hominem and obnoxious.

And UI looks fine in my opinion.

Cuders1780d ago

I want to know more about customizing your dashboard and party chat i really think they need a video to show how it works.

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