What makes loot based games work?

Vyralize: Over the last few years games structured around collecting new gear and loot have taken over the popular action RPG genre again, but it has always been a mystery to me as to what makes these games so addicting.

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bohangirl841906d ago

This is definitely an intriguing question. I have found myself searching for loot in games (usually retro titles) and the thrill of potentially finding an ultra-rare item is a great incentive for me.

Speed-Racer1906d ago

Dead Island had a lot of loot but I never cared too much to collect stuff because somehow I managed to get by with the bare essentials. Really hard for me to bother collecting items unless there is a huge reward, but then that's just me.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1906d ago

Exactly what I like Bohan, I love the thrill of finding new gear. Add in random generated stats and it gets even more insane. :)

Shoul1903d ago

Agreed. It's also the visuals for me - I'll want any loot that looks awesome.

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mcroddi1906d ago

Having this constant feeling of reward and curiosity keeps me going.

Mythicninja1906d ago

Certainly not auction houses

sdozzo1906d ago

Cool loot! We like to collect, acquire and repeat.

-Gespenst-1906d ago

I find the whole loot thing really icky. There's something so fetished, materialistic and utilitarian about it all. Just this weird sense of hoarding all these riches and all this stuff. I understand the appeal- I've played many a game with looting mechanics, but lately it just doesn't agree with me as much. I think I'm still in the process of formulating or developing an aversion to it. Part of me feels it's a thing in videogames that isn't too good for our heads...

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