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Free FIFA 14 with Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders only

Microsoft corrects itself. (Xbox One)

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allformats  +   542d ago
My Lord. Will Microsoft ever get its messaging straight?

I think they tried playing gamers again! They announce at GamesCom one thing to create hype and then "correct" themselves on slow news days.
MariaHelFutura  +   542d ago
The answer to your question is, NO.

It's not even available in all the European countries.
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Septic  +   542d ago
Well this steals the thunder from the announcement. Day One editions are selling out fast.

Here's hoping they have enough supply to meet demand.
Eonjay  +   542d ago
One Microsoft message says "ALL DAY ONE" purchases get the game.

The other says

"...only come free with Xbox One Day One Edition PRE-ORDERS, while STOCKS LAST"

But at gamescom they said: "ALL EUROPEAN XBOX ONES come with a free..."

So whats the real story? Why does everything always have to be so complicated. Why doesn't "ALL EUROPEAN LAUNCH CONSOLES" mean "ALL EUROPEAN LAUNCH CONSOLES"?

1. While stocks of what last? Day One pre orders or FIFA codes
2. So if you get it in the store "DAY ONE" you don't qualify?
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meatysausage  +   542d ago
Your out on full xbox assault. Im not exactly sure what you are trying to do, why even waste your time making comments in every thread. You obviusly, dont want the console, so what are you doing.
What you seem to not understand is most launchs, both MS and Sony have been a gradual roll out. I had to wait 1 year for the PS3 to come out after its launch, and the 360 about 6 months. Microsoft is doing 13 countries and thats a bad thing??
Sony is doing more, and im happy for them too.
Stop trying to make everything so hateful. Its boring and lame.
Europeans in tier 1 get fifa for free. Thats not a bad thing. Get over it
4Sh0w  +   542d ago
They should of been more exact but did people really think everybody in Europe were getting FIFA for free forever, I always assumed it was the day 1 preorders. Bad mistake on their part but no harm since now they are clarifying it with a couple months to go.
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BLAKHOODe  +   542d ago | Well said

It's fans like you that allow Microsoft to get away with all of it's inconsistencies. If a company says it's going to do something, makes a promise or whatever the case.. it needs to DO THAT. NOT the opposite. But when you and others defend it, regardless, you are saying LIE TO US AND SCREW US SOME MORE.. WE STILL LOVE YOU. And Microsoft will.. again.. and again.

I get it. You have a preferred brand. But open your eyes and rather they have your loyalty or not, CALL THEM OUT on their mistakes. You, more than anybody, should be ticked about this, because it's YOUR preferred brand.. YOUR happiness with their product that they are damaging.
ZodTheRipper  +   542d ago
Hey, it's another 180 ...did someone count them or is that already too much of a task?
slimeybrainboy  +   542d ago
They did say all preorder so i'm not sure. But they did say whilst stocks last, I thought they meant FIFA for some reason but it's since been clarified that the FIFA is the digital edition.

not only does this suggest that it is in fact Day One ediitions, but it's also a bummer. If you get the digital version you can't sell it come FIFA 15. Alost of People sell FIFA to get £10-£25 back when they get bored of FIFA. It's still adding value to XB1 but not as much as I thought.
black0o  +   542d ago
Man some even gve the crown of gamesCom to MS Just for that free FIFA ... well played MS
meatysausage  +   542d ago

I dont prefer the xbox brand. Actually, Im getting both at launch
right now i only have a ps3 and vita as i sold my 360 a few years ago.
All im saying is that its a trend now to hate on something that isnt out yet,
there policies originally sucked for the common person, but thats over and finished. Believe me im the first one to complain about a company screwing me over. But this site obviously is pro sony and most of the comments arnt even constructive critisism or a discussion but a full on bashing, which honestly is not tht interesting. Sony is great, but they do screw up a lot
iamnsuperman  +   542d ago
What are they doing. This is just unacceptable. If someone asks you a question you make sure you get the right answer before you reply. This is just getting ridiculous

edit: disagree all you want but they got it wrong on the official twitter page https://twitter.com/Xbox/st... They need to start fact checking and making sure before they reply
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DirtyPimp  +   542d ago
its been ridiculous for 9 years goddammit
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pyramidshead  +   542d ago
WOW, at that twitter post lol what is going on mang
Mystogan  +   542d ago
I don't think this guy knows what he's talking about. MajorNelson himself said that it will come with all preorder. He rarely get this stuff wrong and he doesn't talk when he's not allowed or does not know this information.

I still assume you get FIFA with all preorders until this gets confirmed by another employee.
MariaHelFutura  +   542d ago
Other things Major Nelson has the last few months.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is exclusive for Xbox One

DRM can be just turned off

BF4 Pax Demo

He says more thing that inaccurate, than things that are accurate since the reveal of the Xbox One. I'm even missing a few things here, I'm pretty sure he said Kinect was built in and couldn't be changed too, it's hard to keep track of all of it.
devwan  +   542d ago
"He rarely get this stuff wrong"

l o l
Godmars290  +   542d ago
Are you honestly late to the party realizing this?
dboyc310  +   542d ago
I just wish Microsoft good luck. They are going to need it.
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jackanderson1985  +   542d ago
i'm pretty sure they announced it was only with day one editions (though could be wrong)

although even if they didn't i'm not sure why people would be surprised they have said on numerous times it's a limited offer so it'd make sense it was only for day one editions
thehitman  +   542d ago
Isnt a pre-order a pre-order? Shouldnt they honor ALL of them not just the "lucky" people who managed to nab a day one edition. Now with that said... you can only get pre-orders before the product releases so all of them are under the "limited time" frame. This is a HUGE slap in the face to xbox supporters and I hope everyone who MS coyed into getting a xb1 standard edition with this marketing strategy switches their pre-order to a better company.
CRAIG667  +   542d ago
This is what they said at Gamescom, what's the big deal?
pyramidshead  +   542d ago

I, and apparently lots of others, were kinda under the impression everyone pre-ordering any XB1 addition in EU was getting free Fifa, I thought that's why people were making a huge deal about it.

Maybe some people took it differently, idk.
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Kayant  +   542d ago
It's not a really a big deal but people where misinformed that's the problem here as shown above.
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badz149  +   542d ago
On Twitter it said "ALL" and "doesn't matter day 1 console or not"

Just...don't even try to defend this anymore. Just admit that this is another 180 and it wouldn't even hurt as these 180s are rolling day in and day out!
CRAIG667  +   542d ago
Well it sucks for people who got the wrong end of the stick.

Out of curiosity, why pre-order the non day one edition?
badz149  +   542d ago
Those who were unlucky enough? Day 1 edition is set tobe sold out but that doesn't mean you can't still preorder. It's just that now those non day 1 edition will not get FIFA
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IanVanCheese  +   542d ago
This is exactly what they said at Gamescom, how is this news now?
Foxgod  +   542d ago
news sites are looking for hits by posting negative things.
Thats how the media works, if something draws attention they will keep re chewing it till its mush.
iamnsuperman  +   542d ago
Or Microsoft got it wrong

Source: https://twitter.com/Xbox/st...

edit if you don't click the links here

"All pre-orders come with FIFA 14 in Europe, Ian. Doesn't matter if it's a Day One console or not."

"The exact wording delivered by Phil Harrison at Gamescom was:
"All pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 14 at no additional cost. All pre-orders to date and whilst stocks last."
He then showed an image of the Xbox One packaging, and it wasn't a Day One edition (the controller didn't have the writing on it).
Proof (at 31:57) - http://www.youtube.com/watc... "

It isn't anything like you said as they said something different themselves. They got it wrong
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Foxgod  +   542d ago
I never said they didnt get it wrong, just pointing out that the media are a bunch of sheep looking for hits.
Because thats their business model.
stuff  +   542d ago
In Phil's own words...

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badz149  +   542d ago

Wow...how low can you go? It's reporting the truth about yet another false message from MS and you're saying like they did something bad! The truth hurts, I know, but learn to admit it when you're in the wrong and forgiveness might help heal the pain. Arrogance is not gonna help!
devwan  +   542d ago
@ Foxgod "I never said they didnt get it wrong, just pointing out that the media are a bunch of sheep"

They're not the only group of individuals who could be considered sheep at this point...

How many more times will microsoft completely fail to put out a straight and honest message without snidey little clauses and small print forced out of them by the media and gamers alike? And how many more times will their superfans forgive them and bend right over again for the next hit?

jessupj  +   541d ago
Dam your getting annoying.

Can you, just once, admit MS lied?

At least sony fanboys use facts and widely accepted truths most of the time.

MS fanboys just spew complete crap and disregard every single legitimate criticism that gets asks of them about MS. They are so annoying.
IanVanCheese  +   542d ago
hmmm OK my bad.
stuff  +   542d ago
This will make some gamers sour no doubt. There is a clear difference between what they said at Gamescon and what they are saying now.
Animal Mutha 76  +   542d ago
MS press office needs to get its act together. You can't have different execs saying ambiguous messages.

I think MS should provide codes to all preorders made before 'holiday' which I assume when stated by an American company would mean Xmas. As a Euro only offer they should run it until Xmas eve.

I really do think a comparable offer should be in place for all USA preorders as I think a lot of gamers there have had their heads turned by PS4.

I have a day one preorder in UK so I will be winning the premiership with Norwich City :) which all Ipswich fans will know is the pride of East Anglia :0
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Red_Devilz  +   542d ago
Another 180.

Earlier, Phil Spencer said F14 will be free to *ALL* pre-orders (check out GC videos)

Now - only to Day1 edition. Needless to Say, only in *Tier 1* Countries.
Chris12  +   542d ago
People are looking to crap on MS at every opportunity. Maria's already been in to drop her regular turd on every MS topic, and no-one is able to wait for clarification because the Sony knee jerk crew blitz every thread on N4G. Bunching of f-ing kids, and this from someone who's ordered a PS4 too.
badz149  +   542d ago
Chill dude. It's not like they crap on nothing. MS passed the wrong message here and got people excited onlu for them to say "my bad" and say something different!

That's MS for ya. Another day, another 180!
devwan  +   542d ago
@Chris12 "People are looking to crap on MS at every opportunity."

Microsoft are (again) crapping on themselves, you can't blame the kids for merely pointing that out.

Not sure what the 'Sony knee jerk crew' is but probably best to use that kind of talk when it really is just people trolling positive xbox one posts, unlike here where ms yet again appear to have been economical with the truth or lacking cohesive messaging.
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jessupj  +   541d ago
And yet again, another apologist that just can't seem to admit reality and instead of discussing the actual issue, resorts to attacking the people that have legitimate concerns on this issue. Well done.

MS crapped on themselves. Deal with it.
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Chris12  +   541d ago
Did you post the same for Maria and her constant trolling and shit stirring? Of course not. I've got nothing to apologise for as I have both systems pre-ordered so couldn't give a fig, but there is a hardcore of people ruining this site with their own agenda's.

Carry on
jessupj  +   541d ago
While Maria may be a bit extreme is how she communicates her opinions, everything she says is generally fact or widely accepted.

The MS fanboy on the other hand usually spews out complete lies to get their point across, or just disregards the legitimate criticism and plays the victim.

That's why find it very peculiar when anyone says "Sony fanboys are the worst".
Chris12  +   541d ago
So it's OK to keep a word document and simply copy/paste the same bilge and links on every XB1 thread? Have you ever questioned why some people would spend so much time doing that. A paid shill, mentally unstable; take your pick but it is hardly normal behavior regardless of the topic itself
marcindpol  +   542d ago
Another 180, lol
marcindpol  +   542d ago

very, very true, you just got another bubble.
kewlkat007  +   542d ago
How many Day One editions they manufacturing?
4logpc  +   542d ago
THey said with any pre order, which is only for the day 1 edition correct? Seems clear to me.
devwan  +   542d ago
You can pre-order a standard edition, some places that's all you can.
Metfanant  +   542d ago
the Xbox division's PR department needs to simply be gutted...i hate to see people lose their jobs, but they have done nothing but screw things up since day ONE (pun intended) in regards to the Xbone...
nix  +   542d ago
Master-H  +   542d ago
The 180 number...180 ? lol

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