Xbox One Won't Support External Storage at Launch, But Definitely Coming in Future says Major Nelson

Microsoft's Major Nelson has just confirmed that Xbox One won't have support for external storage at launch as development team are concentrating on other things.

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Ksar1724d ago

its probably for security issues.

Eh, I'll be too busy enjoying Dead Rising 3 and capturing gameplay with the HD PVR 2. External storage can happen when it happens.

GarrusVakarian1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Something tells me if this article had Sony instead of MS in the title, your reply would be very different.

slimeybrainboy1724d ago

Dont be a dick. Not everyone is going all digital or buys that many digital games, infact most people dont.

I think 500GB will be absolutely fine for most people.

GarrusVakarian1724d ago


I'm not being a "dick", its fact that if Sony was the name in the article, his comment would very different, just check his comment history.

black0o1724d ago

@slimey unlike the ps4 the x1 req u to instal every game into the Hard drive .. and I guess the games size next gen will only increase so I guess BF4 to a lot more then 14 GB without the patches and DLCs and the next hitman to be more then 20 GB

games like UC3 were more then 40 GB trust me 500GB won't do

dantesparda1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Wait a sec, werent you the guy (Ksar) that submitted a article the other day about how Shu said that the PS4 wont do this either and all the MS fanboys were all chastising the Sony fanboys for it. Now suddenly you're ok with it? Wow! fanboys are so fake, talk about "flip-flop"

And Black0o, are you sure its opitonal on the PS4, cuz im not sure. I hope it is

And to all Sony fanboys that want the ability to install to an external HDD, if you's want it all you have to do is ask for it and you know Sony will probably give it to you, unless they strongly against it

Godmars2901724d ago

There was a story about Sony not allowing installs on external drives and people came in and complained.

Let me repeat that: you can switch out the PS4's HDD, its already been confirmed that they'll let you use an external drive for anything but but game data and gamers, likely from a certain camp, came in and bitched about it.

Here's the story:

Godmars2901724d ago


Allowing from external game installs *would* be too much of a security/piracy risk. Can't see how it couldn't be.

kreate1723d ago (Edited 1723d ago )


 "to all Sony fanboys that want the ability to install to an external HDD, if you's want it all you have to do is ask for it "

Installing a game to a external hdd is something ps gamers never asked for or complained about.

the complaint, if any, was more about playing games without any internal or external installation.

However, I do ask Microsoft that I want to use my external hdd without any 16gb limitation. I have a 160gb external portable hdd lying around, yet I cannot use the whole 160gb cuz Microsoft restricts me. What's up with that?

B-radical1723d ago

Something tells me if this article had Sony instead of MS Sony fanboys would defend it and get heaps of agrees :)

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pyramidshead1724d ago

Let's hope it does. The internal XB1 HDD isn't upgradable.

PSVita1724d ago

You can't even buy a new HDD from MS?

MariaHelFutura1724d ago

Personally, I don't think this will happen on either console for many reasons.

But on the PS4 the HDD can be swapped out, so it's cheaper to upgrade.

The Xbox One's HDD isn't.

coopman3001724d ago

We dont even know how much the higher hds will cost for the ps4 so who's to say they will be cheaper than an external hd.

MariaHelFutura1724d ago


It's interchangeable w/ inexpensive HDD's that are found in PC's.


We just don't know types it will be on the PS4 yet, as far as I know.

HurtfulTimez1724d ago

@ coopman300 if its anything like the ps3s hdd where u can use any laptop sata hdd aslong as it runs at the correct rpm will be cheaper than the equivalent size of an external hdd.

iamnsuperman1724d ago

They have to. The thing can't be replaced. It will have to be supported in some form

kreate1723d ago

I used a faster rpm hdd and my ps3 works fine with it.

*super slim

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PeaSFor1724d ago

lol, and you can't even upgrade the internal hdd?

Oh MS, that's really silly for a next-gen console.

candoa1724d ago

What is silly is gaika not being at launch date.

Hellsvacancy1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Gaika is the best you can some up with?

(I wasn't even going to comment until I saw dumbness)

candoa1724d ago

All im saying is that sony is know for announcing software and not deliver, for example playstation home.

Skips1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Just, lol! @ comparing HDD's to Gaikai... You aren't even CLOSE buddy...

"All im saying is that sony is know for announcing software and not deliver"

What's even more silly is Kinect voice commands being only available in 5 countries at launch... -__-

Supposedly, according to MS "Xbox One IS Kinect"

....and yet, it's basic functions only work in 5 countries....

MariaHelFutura1724d ago

The Xbox One and PS4's plans on what they are doing w/ the 'cloud' are 2 very different things.

Xbox One

Smoovekid1724d ago

Or the xbox one not having a launch date.

PSVita1724d ago

The Xbox doesn't even have a launch date yet and you want to talk about Gaikai lol

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jackanderson19851724d ago

with Nelson's record on what MS are doing I'm more inclined to take this with a pinch of salt... for a PR guy he gets alot wrong....i'm sure they'll flip a switch on this one

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