Dark Souls 2 - New Gameplay Footage Unveiled From Gamescom Community Event

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Dark Souls 2 that covers the Gamescom 2013 Community Event that was held on August 21 & 22, featuring new, never before seen, gameplay footage from Dark Souls 2.

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gaelic_laoch1630d ago

I pray every night that this will come to PS4!

bigtrucknd1630d ago

The only reason I can't trade PS3 in when I get my PS4 is this game.

Master-H1630d ago

Only if it has cross-gen/platform online play. otherwise it would just split the community even more.

JunioRS1011630d ago

Dark Souls 2 LOOKS fun, but it is too difficult for me to enjoy it.

ravinash1630d ago

It's the difficulty which makes it so fun.
It would complete destroy the game if you made it easy.

Neixus1630d ago

Then you should try Skyrim for an RPG game to enjoy, it's not amazing, but it works as you think DS is too difficult.

Or you could go buy Dragon's dogma, imo the best combat system in any RPG game recently.

MEsoJD1630d ago

It's stock footage...