Next-Gen.Biz: Top 10 Games Industry Taglines

Next-Gen picks and ranks the cleverest marketing slogans in the history of interactive entertainment.

Videogames have seen their share of forgettable taglines over the years. In 1993, Atari challenged prospective buyers to "Do the math" when considering an upgrade to their not-quite 64-bit console, the Jaguar. Gamers "did the math," weren't impressed, and decided to wait another year or so before upgrading to a PlayStation. Similarly, Nintendo told gamers to "Get N, or get out!" while promoting their third-generation console, the Nintendo 64- to which most people "got out" when compared to unit sales of Sony's competing system.

But the industry has also seen its share of amusing, intelligent and effective taglines. Here are Next-Gen's top 10 picks:

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BigKev453868d ago

"E-A Sports, it's in the game" is the best tagline, ever!

iceman28853868d ago

As much as I dislike EA now for putting out crappy lackluster games, I remember when that tagline came out and seeing the EA sports logo come up back with the older madden's (94 or 95 maybe) with "EA's in the game" and really liking it. I still say it whenever I see the EA Sports logo come up when playing NHL'08.

Amp3868d ago

I liked that too, when ssx came out for the PS2