Fallout 4 & Bethesda’s “Hanky Panky”

One of the biggest mysteries in the gaming world at the moment is about Fallout 4 from Bethesda. Rumours were going around that the game would make its way out at the E3, but of course this did not happen. There was also talk of the game being an exclusive to the Xbox One.

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yellowgerbil1926d ago

There is no way that a game like this would be an exclusive. It would probably cost MS 200mil to get exclusivity on a title as big as Fallout. At that amount they could just buy obsidian and have them create 4 Bethesda clone games, would be far superior to fable...

zeal0us1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I don't recall anyone saying it would be a exclusive. Even the article doesn't state anything about it being about it being exclusive.
Hopefully Bethesda will reveal something soon.

Chapter111926d ago

"There was also talk of the game being an exclusive to the Xbox One."

yellowgerbil1926d ago

it is snuck in there but not elaborated on. It is the last sentence in the summary as well...

zeal0us1925d ago

Oh gawd I can't read sorry :(

Knowing MS they probably just pay for exclusive content or time exclusive content again. Zenimax wouldn't risk losing so much money by going exclusive.

CrimsonStar1925d ago

Man if MS got fallout as an exclusive ... N4G will implode with hate and envy .

RobAlmighty1925d ago

I would have to buy an Xbox One. That would be the one and only reason I would ever make that purchase.

Rhaigun1926d ago

It's in the opening paragraph.

Jyndal1925d ago

Fallout 4 is a big title.
If it were to go exclusive to XB1, I'd really have to rethink the whole PS4 thing.

I'm a HUGE Fallout fan.

spoonard1925d ago

I don't believe it's worth it to Bethesda to make it exclusive. Even timed exclusivity would hurt Bethesda more than MS could compensate them. Why limit an INSANELY popular franchise to half of the potential customers?

TriangleOffense1925d ago

Whatever system its on I'll be there

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