Could the next-generation of consoles finally shed the stigma of being a gamer?

HUGG Writes: For as long as I can remember, Gaming has always had a stigma attached to it, even within its own circles. Openly talking about playing games like World of Warcraft is sure to raise a few sideways glances in any circle. For whatever reason, some non-gamers look down upon gamers because of their choice of past time, and even within its own circles, some gamers chastise other gamers for their favorite genre. Perhaps it’s the general concept of “playing a game” to pass your spare time or maybe its the thought of immersing yourself in a fantasy, unreal world that people who don’t play games find hard to understand, but some people just don’t get it and can be unintentionally judgmental. It’s a sad state of affair – but change is afoot…

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GarrusVakarian1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The type of people who look down on gamers don't know what they are missing. Videogames now aren't just silly simple games that nerds play in their mom's basement, they are interactive experiences and have grown alot over the decades.

Stigma or not, ill carry on playing videogames for as long as i can. I can't see any other hobby outside of electronic entertainment being as fun or rewarding as playing videogames.

Allsystemgamer1929d ago

It's still a stigma? Almost everyone I know plays games

Axonometri1929d ago

Wierd, all this time and I didn't even know the consoles were being labeled gamers!