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Battlefield dev: Next-gen machines can give PC experience

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will allow console players to get the same Battlefield 4 experience as PC users, according to DICE executive producer Patrick Bach. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

VaporCell  +   701d ago
link not working
trafalger  +   701d ago
worked for me but you didn't miss much. they are just trying to ease the worries that the new consoles will get the same experience. 60 frames per second and up to 64 players which is nice. the graphics will likely be sharper and have better effects on high end pc's which isn't surprising.

the problem i see is early impressions so far suggest the ps4 (and likely the xbone but i haven't seen any footage yet which could be a bad sign) isn't looking all that great when compared to the pc being demoed. people have to remember, this is a $400 box trying to compete with a pc that is likely over a grand. this is also why people get sick of the console fanboyism nonsense about how the ps3 was so much more powerful than the x360 or how the ps4 will be compared to the xbone. it really is ridiculous when you add the pc to the mix.
n4rc  +   701d ago
I think what they mean is the game will be the same feature wise.. Not lower player counts etc..

I can't imagine them saying its on par with PCs with a straight face.. Lol.. Not in term of graphics..
3-4-5  +   701d ago
BF3 without HD upgrade and without HD cables to my Xbox 360 still looks good and plays fine and is fun.

BF4 is only going to improve everything so I don't care if it doesn't look 300% better. I'll take 50% better.
Blastoise  +   701d ago
Make up your minds guys :P
pandehz  +   701d ago
inb4 dragonflames.

DICE is not saying it will be exactly like a high end pc but a similar experience.

There's nothing to think about really.

Common sense innit.
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Blastoise  +   701d ago
Okay...thanks for that?
user7402931  +   701d ago
it will look, play and function like the pc version. good for all gamers.
aksmashh  +   701d ago
"With 64 players, 60 frames-per-second, proper frame rate, you get that full Battlefield experience even though you're sitting in your living room in front of your TV with a controller in your hand."

I played and enjoyed bad company 2 more than bf3 (ps3) but hopefully with bf4 on the ps4 it will be different!!!!
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die_fiend  +   701d ago
Bf3 was very disappointing after the Bad Company games. I would just like Dice to say something about the graphics being reported as waffalon by IGN. Like that they acknowledge and are working on it
BallsEye  +   701d ago
they probably got b!tched by sony and MS for talking crap about next gen systems. I hope for the best but wouldn't trust them. Don't really like Frostbite 3. Bad company was so much better (and looking better on consoles) and had way more destruction going on... and that is on "old engine".
aksmashh  +   701d ago
I thought that about destruction on bad company was better (on consoles)!

Maybe a pc gamer can tell us if theres more destruction on their version of bf3??
BallsEye  +   701d ago
I've played a PC version quite a lot as well. Destruction is exactly the same like on consoles.
Holeran  +   701d ago
I played BF3 for quite some time on PS3 but never really liked it. The input lag + the 30 fps really ruined it for me. But if they are coming to the party with only 720p for next gen I will still be disappointed even though we will get 60 fps.
skydragoonity  +   701d ago
To all console gamers we're almost there....
kingduqc  +   701d ago
Not it can't...

It can't do 120 fps
it can't do 2560*1440
it can't do multiple screens experience
It can't do Mouse and keyboard
It can't do mods
It can't do proper video editing
It can't do multitasking on the same level
It can't do Voice communication as good
It can't do same visual fidelity
It can't do Same sound quality by a large margin
List goes on and on...

It can barely do 1080p,stop selling your PR crap.
frostypants  +   701d ago
You mad.
digger18  +   701d ago
Who gives a crap what rhe pc can do. I have a pc with such massive specs most games devs would be jealous of it, but guess what? I only game on the ps3 or 360. So go away pc fanboy
Mr Tretton  +   701d ago
digger18, lying out his ass.
elhebbo16  +   701d ago
jesus christ not every PC gamer plays at 120fps 2560x1440.
BallsEye  +   701d ago
I still preffer console version.

Why? Aside from playing on the couch with huge screen I like that everyone on consoles are equal. Everyone got same resolution, same graphics, same fps, same everything and the chance to meet a cheater is like 0.00001%. On PC you will see gamers lower the details (except the resolution) to see enemies better to have an advantage (no foliage or low draw distance etc) or just to squeeze out that maximum fps. Ones with crapp y rigs got no chance. Now I bet you wanna say... you can connect console controller and big ass tv and play from a couch...yea you can.. I did that in few SP games but MP? Why would you want to gimp yourself like this against everyone else playing with mouse and keyboard which we all know is more accurate (not as fun for me as a console controller tho). For the record, I do have a monster rig (need it for my work) but rarely using it for gaming, only playing sometimes some awesome SP games (ocasionally trying MP for short time like bf3) I was a die hard PC gamer back in the day.
thebudgetgamer  +   701d ago
dcj0524  +   701d ago
Look at BF3 PS3 ALPHA. Look at BF3 PS3 FINAL. BF3 XBOX 360 without HD Texture Pack. BF3 XBOX 360 with HD texture pack. When you look at it like that. I'm not worried about the visuals. 2 months is enough time for better optimization. I'm concerned about why they aren't giving a clear decisive answer. Is it 1080p @ 60fps and so far we know that the PS4 version is "above 720p".
lllll-lllll  +   701d ago
Yeah no word on 1080p - i canceled my bf4 ps4 preorder for now.
die_fiend  +   701d ago

Have you heard of the last of us and uncharted? They're the best looking games on a console. And both at 720p. Are you telling me that Wipeout HD looked better than those?
lllll-lllll  +   701d ago
No, i'm just saying that BF4 1080p looks way better than BF4 720p. I read that they are still trying to achieve 1080p on nexgen consoles. When they achieve this i'll just 're-pre-order' (a new term i believe haha :)
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titletownrelo  +   701d ago
...for the first time in Battlefield history, console players will FINALLY be able to play 64 player battles at 60 fps, a feature that fans have wanted for decades...and now everyone is bitching that its not 1080p...WTF
lllll-lllll  +   701d ago
What can i say, i want it all - why don't you?
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titletownrelo  +   701d ago
Lol, who can say no to 1080p? I'm just glad that we'll be able to play 64 player matches. :)
gazgriff2k12  +   701d ago
people calm down and please don't compare Lamborghini's (next gen consoles) with red bull F1 cars (hi end pc's).

battlefield nextgen will have 60fps 64 players and better graphics than this gen consoles. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!

I for one cant wait battlefield on ps4 is going to make my year and next year and maybe after that i know im going to love this game only seeing to maps and a sneak preview of levolution.

Its the only launch title im buying. ps4 giving to much free to play and PS+ for me to buy any of the others plus GTA5, BTS and GT6 on my ps3 and massive back catalog of free ps plus games will be taking my time aswell
die_fiend  +   701d ago
Not sure you'll want to go back to your PS3 to play those games
gazgriff2k12  +   700d ago
I know it took my years to finish off my ps2 games collection when ps3 hit cod 4 and fifa took to much of my time. lol i play battlefield and pro evo too much now

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