FIFA 14 Teaser - Gareth Bale to Real Madrid

FIFPlay: FIFA 14 teaser for Gareth Bale move to Real Madrid FC for EUR 100m.

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SuperLupe1903d ago

100 million€ Bale biggest rip-off ever.

That would mean he would have to be as efficient if not even more than Ronaldo for instance to justify the investment and we all now that isnt happening.

meatysausage1903d ago

not worth more than 40m to me

SuperLupe1903d ago

Bale gave us a disagree ^^

grumpc1902d ago

ever heard of a thing called inflation?

Omran1902d ago

Haters gonna Hate
Bale deserve between 70
and 85 million


ghoh11902d ago

if bale is worth that tag then the market is screwed, next thing we know mexes is priced at 30 mil.