GTA V Original Soundtrack Over 20 Hours Long

It has been reported by several sources that Rockstar Games have revealed today the official score for the game will be over 20 hours long.

The original music is the works of LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption composer Woody Jackson along with hip-hop producers Alchemist and Oh No who are behind the Stations.

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Stuart57561599d ago

Good news. It needs to be for a game of it's size. Thanks R*, you're awesome. GTAV ftw.

minimur121599d ago

20 hours of music, but you know that you'll only listen to one radio station xD

minimur121599d ago

I'm always on the pop station lol - I do dot around but not always. :)

NukaCola1599d ago

Is there an MP3 player station ala listening to our own tunes off the HDD like in San Andreas?

falloutx1599d ago

I mostly listen to the talk shows. Lazlow FTW!!

GarrusVakarian1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

20 hours of music on top of the billions of other features this game has is amazing. R* are going all out with GTA5, i think its going to be hard to top it with future GTA's.

TheKingWilliamV1599d ago

Every time I hear something new about this game I instantly feel like this...

Fasttrack761599d ago

Ill be checking out the talk show stations,so funny

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