Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Change Everything? | Corsual

Corsual's Brotatoe writes: " Rockstar Games has done incredibly well with their Grand Theft Auto series, it was critically reviewed and denounced as an “evil” game on its release back in 1996 for the PC, yet they managed to still sell 8 million copies when Vice City came out.

Like other violent games that changed the way people looked at video games, Grand Theft Auto has been the scapegoat for numerous bad dealings in human interactions since it was released and will most likely continue to catch the same amount of spotlight regarding it’s generally violent nature and the ability to do anything you want as a player.

There has always been, and will always be some sort of spotlight on Grand Theft Auto as being one of the coolest free roam, open world games to ever be released, but also one of the most controversial games that continues to stay on the shelves today..."

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RE_L_MAYER1928d ago

It will change my everything thats for sure

3-4-51928d ago

This "last gen" game is going to influence the Next Gen, more so than the launch "next gen" titles will.

maximus19851928d ago

it will change my social life

SolidStoner1928d ago

considering GTA online, you can hang out with friends and wife there... :D

also you can work there, buy a house own multiple cars... ahhh who needs real life these days... we need matrix sooner.. j.k. :)

Irishguy951928d ago

I will become a hermit for a few weeks

Midgus1928d ago

2 weeks off work for this beaut!

RE_L_MAYER1928d ago

Damn thats nice-I wish it was friday release so we got at least a weekend

Are_The_MaDNess1928d ago

yes, it will change your view of life and everything in the universe. /s

seriously now, looking forward to this so badly.
havent been so psyched for a game since Skyrim and R6C and Jak Collections >____<

RE_L_MAYER1928d ago

Skyrim came to mind for me as well...still playing it

Are_The_MaDNess1927d ago

im with you on that one XD
still playing. dont think im going to stop till the next real TES or Fallout is coming out XD

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