Nintendo vs. Modernism

How do you feel about Nintendo at the moment? Putting aside the company’s poor Wii U sales figures and the recent announcement of the 2DS, what do you think of its general direction? What do you think about its approach to software, and more specifically, are you one of the people that sees Nintendo as out of step with what modern gamers want from their consoles?

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AceBlazer131931d ago

I like them for it.Always good to get back to some of the classics that can only be found on Nintendo systems

UltimateMaster1931d ago

They are doing the right steps with the console by bringing backwards compatibility and making it free to play online multi-player
But the games aren't even real HD games.
Until they evolve graphically, they're doomed.
Nobody wants another console to play Miis, they already have the Wii for it, they don't need a Wii U Aka Wii V1.2.
Controller's great, but the battery life sucks.

kingdip901931d ago

Game wise I don't think they are out of step at all, indies are riding high on games that are made to play like games back on the snes so its clear people still crave the formula that nintendo have based many of there games on. If nintendo's issue was a software issue for them then the ds and 3ds would not have sold so much.

However hardware wise meaning the wiiu specifically I think they made the same mistake xbox one seems to be making but shipping there console with a gimmicky controller many gamers don't want although the wiiu's is more unpopular than microsofts at the mo

Korde111931d ago

Great article! I know that I will be called a blind fanboy for agreeing that there is more to Nintendo than meets the eye, but I love how Nintendo makes me feel. I do have an emotional connection to all of the Nintendo nostalgia. More importantly, I love that they do things their own way, giving customers what they want even if they don't know that they want it yet. Nintendo continues to reinvent, not rehash the franchises that I love. I look forward to the creative new ways that Nintendo will give me to experience gameplay through innovative hardware. I am interested in PS4 and XBOX1, but I just don't feel the same connection.

buynit1931d ago

I think that the wiiu is great and just needs time for the gems to come out..

Its funny how every gen nintendo gets questioned on what they do yet they always get some of the highest rated games in that gen..

Yep1931d ago

They're only out of touch when they're not selling the most consoles. Whenever they are selling the most console's, it's because only casuals buy their system.

The internet almost never reflects reality.

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