Titanfall Preview [Plus XP]

Garvaos from Plus XP writes "Titanfall is a brand new FPS game from Respawn Entertainment, a new development company founded by ex Infinity Ward and Call Of Duty developers Jason West and Vince Zampella. Titanfall combines first person shooter game play with the ever so popular war machines known as Mechs. So how does this FPS and Mech combat mix play? We got some hands on time at Gamescom to find out."

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The_Truth_24_71929d ago

Can't wait for the PS4 port!

thetruthx11929d ago

Try waiting till 2015 for your port or worse case scenario


josephayal1929d ago

Probably a year or so, i don't see it staying exclusive

thetruthx11929d ago

A lot of the little things make this game so great as well like being able to get into your Titan from above or sliding into it and it picks you up. You can make it follow you and destroy other Titans. You can even destroy it and send it to a group of enemies to blow up

So many great games in 2014