DICE Reveals How GTA Inspired New Feature and All-New Commander Mode Details

DICE announces a ton of new details for Battlefield 4′s Commander Mode, including how Grand Theft Auto inspired one of the mode’s new features.

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ZBlacktt1637d ago

MAG had that commander mode.... just saying.

Detoxx1637d ago

Battlefield 2, which was released way before MAG, also had that commander mode.... Just saying

ZBlacktt1637d ago

lol, Guess my point was I wish MAG 2 would have come around. Meanwhile 256 players, just saying. If you ever played one game of MAG Domination. You would look at BF and COD as total boring.

annus1637d ago

And only came out 2 years later!

napalmbrainmusic1637d ago

Pacman had that commander mode....just saying

Pandamobile1637d ago

Too bad MAG wasn't very good.

ZBlacktt1637d ago

The line at PAX Seattle this weekend for BF4 wasn't long at all. Very srs. Wait 5 minutes step up and play. I was very surprised. While most everything else you had to camp out for.

Pandamobile1636d ago

Who are you directing this response towards?

Detoxx1636d ago

Dude, only thing MAG had was the huge player count. Aside from that, it looked and played like total shit. COD has been boring since MW2 and Battlefield 4 is going to be amazing with Frostbite 3

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Nizulo1637d ago

I'm still not sure how I feel about the Commander Mode not being able to switch between first-person and CM, but I guess it'll help keep Commanders on point.

Another thing, I'm not sure how the six kill-streak for HVTs will go. Let's say a Tank spawns near an objective but hasn't racked up a 6-KS, by the time he does, and our Commander finally has the ability to paint him, the objective will be lost. A good commander should be able to highlight a threat, regardless of whether that threat has racked up the required amount of kills.

Is anyone else thinking the same thing?

mhunterjr1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

They way I see it, the HVT system is meant to give an incentive for players to postpone current objectives and focus on eliminating/defending a single target (in exchange for some bonus). That's different from simply spotting an enemy or potential threat. Situations like what you've suggested should be handled by ground forces, as they are currently.