PlayStation Games Dominate Last Week’s Sales in Japan According to Major Retailer’s Charts

During the last few weeks the Japanese video game market had a period of domination by 3DS games, while the week August the 19th and August the 25th was more mixed, with strong sales of a couple PS3 and PS Vita titles. Last week seems to mark the a turning of the wind in favor of PlayStation games according to major retailer and rental chain Tsutaya’s weekly sales chart for the period between August the 26th and September the 1st.

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sinncross1930d ago

Good going for Jojo and FF14.
Nice to see Ragnorak update slip in for PSV.

GreatGamePlay1930d ago

Sexy Men have an effectiveness in Selling Games in Japan.

abzdine1930d ago

PlayStation is the best place to play
end of story

Fireseed1930d ago

It's a matter of opinion honestly

Ripsta7th1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Oh Sony fanboys are such wussies , why do ur feeling get hurt so quick? How do u even react to real world situations?

sincitysir11930d ago

Well we start off by not using the word wussy? What r u 9? Smh -_-

boybato1930d ago


if it makes you feel better last week was all Nintendo.

Hicken1930d ago

It is, and it isn't.

As humans, we're capable of objectively grading these devices, their libraries, the policies of the companies behind them. But subjectivity also counts.

You can objectively say one company is better at this or that, tally it all up, and decide one is a better place to play than the other.

Pretty much, no matter how you slice it, Sony is arguably at the head of the class.

Fireseed1930d ago


Their was really no need for an outburst like that, people are more than free to disagree with my view.


Oh yeah you can tally things up and stack which areas the consoles excel in against each other. But where it comes down to subjectivity is how much those areas mean to one another. And honestly it comes down to the games and what you look for in them. Personally the PS4 only has a couple games that I really want (Rime and inFamous). I love my PS3 but tbh pretty much the only reason I bought it is because Naughty Dog is one of the best developers around and they're games are simply sublime. But at the same time Halo is probably my most beloved game of all time and I can't get it anywhere else.

So I could buy the PS4 because it's:
More Powerful
More Exclusives
Interesting Indie Games
etc, etc, (Someone get Maria in here to finish this list)

But at the end of the day if it doesn't have Gears, Halo or Killer Instinct... all it's features, policies, pricing and support couldn't mean jack to me and millions of other Halo, Gears, and KI fans.

ZHZ901930d ago

@Ripsta, I believe you need to grow up.

neoMAXMLC1930d ago


What the hell are you even on about? Sounds like the only sensitive one here is you.

Yep1930d ago


Ah yeah, that's why the PS3 made so much of a profit for Sony, huh? You talk about objectivity, yet you aren't capable of any.

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Klad1930d ago

Thats your opinion, Playstation dominates in Japan for one week, whilst Nintendo dominates almost every week, but Nintendo still isn't THE BEST place to game. All consoles are great to play & have great games!

abzdine1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

when did i say it was your or another one's opinion?
i posted that message with my own fingers, it makes sense it's my own view on things.
Dont be mad buddy dont take it too personal.

I write PS is the best place to play because i believe it is, comes Nintendo in second position but not too far.

Sony Nintendo for the win, obviously!
Wii U wind waker bundle day one! same as PS4!

Ol_G1930d ago

why do they count collector editions as a seperate game kinda strange

AceBlazer131930d ago

JJBAASB I want that game ported so badly.

Majin-vegeta1930d ago

Tweet it to that guy from Sony.

Good to see a one piece fan :).

AceBlazer131930d ago

One piece all day eeery day.

Inception1930d ago

Ported? You mean localize. Don't worry, i'm sure Namdai will bring this Jojo to the west. Meanwhile, you can try JOJO'S Bizarre Adv HD Ver from Capcom :)

AceBlazer131930d ago

O_o tnx dude. Feel kinda stupid now knowing I was using the wrong word the entire time.

r211930d ago

Huh, I expected ROA PS3 version to sell as well as the vita. Nice surprise there.

Abriael1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The reason why the ROA PS3 version isn't there is... because it never happened.

It's somewhat of a mystery for me, but only the PS Vita version was released.

The PS3 version basically disappeared from all advertisement and Japanese press releases since a little while ago. No word has been mentioned about a cancellation or a delay. It simply went *poof*

I mailed gung ho both in Japan and US, but didn't get any info there too. it simply completely disappeared and at the moment I don't know if it's delayed or canceled or what. Everyone in the know about it is tight lipped.

I guess talking of delay may be improper too, because the PS3 version actually never got a release date to begin with.

r211930d ago

Well, thats odd, to say the least. Possibly, because the devs are having difficulties programming for PS3 than vita. Understandable if it is, PS3 coding is pretty tough. Hopefully their vita numbers are high.

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