Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Warning Your Protagonist is Sexy

You’ve probably read the news by now: Many journalists noticed that Lightning, the protagonist of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Square-Enix’s poster girl for the franchise currently is looking a lot more…filled out. Of course, the amount of fetish and cosplay items that the third game will feature certainly helped in revealing a more, well, revealing side of Lightning.

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Kydawg1751d ago

Lightning had blossomed into one hell of a woman! I would strike that down anytime.

cleft51751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Regardless of the changes they made, I enjoyed FF13 and 13-2. So I am looking forward to Lightning's Return and it is clear that they are making smart changes that realign this series with what one traditionally expects of a FF game.

I get people not liking the changes, but to think that a game is going to be garbage because Lightning looks more like what is considered an attractive female woman is just silly. It's not like her proportions are insanely different or anything.

Ripsta7th1751d ago

Final fantasy was never about how they look(female characters) , it was about the story you were emerged into

wishingW3L1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

"it is clear that they are making smart changes that realign this series with what one traditionally expects of a FF game"

^ And guys, this is why you shouldn't use drugs, reality becomes distorted. But I do find extremely frightening to the lengths the fanboys go to defend the obvious fallings of the series. Like seriously... You guys can't be this retarded to not even be able to comprehend why many people complain about Lightning's new found sexyness.

UltimateMaster1751d ago

Lightningstruck and shook me all night long.

Aleithian1750d ago


Jealousy and envy.

DragonKnight1750d ago

@cleft5: "and it is clear that they are making smart changes that realign this series with what one traditionally expects of a FF game."

What part of Lightning Returns is like ANY other FF game besides 13 and 13-2? None of it, that's what.

user55757081750d ago


i agree it was more about the story overall but that didn't stop them from giving tifa huge boobs in the first final fantasy game they had 3d models in...

the difference with lightning returns is that the FFXIII trilogy has been very mediocre in terms of story and gameplay and they need something like sexual themes to help move software.

FF7 the boobs weren't really the selling point. but for lightning returns the boobs and sexy outfits are the most ive heard about the game in the the past month

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Irishguy951750d ago

I came into this article looking for Lightnings tits, I am sorely disappointed.

ThanatosDMC1750d ago

Same here. The thumbnail pic isnt even on the link. Lame.

WitWolfy1751d ago

*face palm*

Man this is pathetic... I hate when studios go this low just to market a game nobody wants.

Heisenburger1751d ago

I want this game, just not at full asking price. This isn't Kingdom Hearts buddy, no nobodies around here.

UltimateMaster1750d ago

I am getting this game day one.
So that I can get the Cloud outfit.
To then resell it back to Gamestop.
Then wait till the price is at 10$...

SaulGoodman1750d ago

Walt, as your lawyer I advise you to wait until 3 months after the game is released then buy it.

AznGaara1750d ago

No lie.. thats some good photoshop lol.

Aleithian1750d ago

I want the game. And I welcome Lightning's new look. In fact, I wholly support it and the presentation of the game's sexiness. Sexiness is something to be cherished and pursued, not something to be hidden and opposed due to the jealousy and envy of some.

KonsoruMasuta1751d ago

This article brings up a good point. I think.......

*Looks at the picture of Lightning submitted with the article*

Uhhh.... I have... I have to go handle something real quick.

cleft51751d ago

The article brings up some interesting points, but the fact that this picture is being used in order to get more attention to the article, even if it is being done in a poetic sense, actually contradicts what the writer is saying.

DragonKnight1750d ago

Because Lightning's boob jiggle isn't as bad a contradiction.

SonyNGP1751d ago

I honestly don't know how I should feel about this :/

UltimateMaster1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Well, at least you're questioning your sexual orientation. That's a start... I guess.

Either way, Sex Sells.
Right Tifa?

WheatBread1751d ago

upgraded to D-cup + jiggle = nice

KonsoruMasuta1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Exactly. In what world are bigger boobs considered a negative?

maximus19851751d ago

When you know you've run out of ideas, "quick take her dignity since we're low on it anyways"

Hicken1751d ago

Except the game is full of ideas that haven't been seen in the franchise before. So that doesn't work.

Got some other poorly-constructed critique?

MidnytRain1750d ago


rolf +bubbles

DragonKnight1750d ago

@Hicken: They may not be out of ideas, but they are out of good ones.

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