No voice controls at Aussie launch for Xbox One

Microsoft's recent delay of the Xbox One in Eastern European countries was also blamed on localisation issues, but it would seem that these problems were specifically related to the text on the dashboard, considering it's still set to be released here.

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psych1813d ago

While it would be nice to have the finished product shipped out and available on day one, lack of voice control isn't a deal breaker to me.

JustPlay41813d ago

I would like a finished product for 500, only 9 regions really, that sucks for the rest of us.

MariaHelFutura1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

How about the fact Australians basically speak a slang of english.

It shouldn't be an issue. At all, really.

pompombrum1813d ago

^^ By that logic, don't Americans also speak a slang of English?

tokugawa1812d ago

slang of english?? wtf

they, like north americans have an accent that is all.

lol same rubbish that is old news posted by one of n4gs biggest trolls smh

UltimateMaster1812d ago

So many slangs in the US English, I think I've heard 7 of them just by watching MTV yesterday...

psych1812d ago


I think the words you're looking for are regional dialect.

I completely agree, it shouldn't be an issue given that there are over 40 regional dialects in USA alone, yet they haven't said voice commands only available in certain regions of the US.

Surely they could have a brief training session to hone your Xbox to your voice instead of trying to match your voice to their preset standard.

Thisisjuju1812d ago

Since Kinect functionality is marketed as such an integral part of the product, releasing the Xbox without voice functionality support makes me think that its releasing an unfinished product.

For a company like Microsoft, not good.

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ArchangelMike1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Hang on a minute. The One major feature that Microsoft touts as the 'next big revolution' in enertainment media, and they can't even get it to work on day 1 in one of their english speaking territories?


Deividas1813d ago

Wow...people are okay to pay $500 for a product that is not even finished and clearly is being rushed....people still amaze me.

AusRogo1812d ago

Well $600 here in Australia lol. .

Godmars2901813d ago

But it is something that they been advertising to the general public.

Now those unaware consumers aren't getting something which caused them to be aware of the console.

Mr Pumblechook1812d ago

No Aussie voice controls? Strewth!

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yellowgerbil1813d ago

don't australians speak english? all that silverchair music growing up leads me to think so

pompombrum1813d ago

Lol whenever a legit negative MS article gets published, the fanboys come out in droves screaming dupe.

theWB271812d ago

Oh, so long as it's a negative Xbox article it should be granted the ability to be reposted as much as possible? There's a reason they have that system in place.

I couldn't care less about the negativity the X1 receives, here nor anywhere else. But the same story being posted over n over is still rubbish. Period.

tokugawa1812d ago

aibreeze stfu. everyone that is not a droid knows that natureoflogic is one of the worst trolls on here.

look at the rubbish he posts just for the flame wars. its pathetic!

Killjoy30001813d ago

This is the most disjointed console launch ever. 180 after 180, reduction of an already abysmal launch market, missing features, a complete lack of any actual street date this late into the year, and a shimmied-in Fifa for the European market, but no perks for their biggest demographic.

stage881813d ago

I agree. It's a complete shambles.
How anyone can have any faith in the xbox one at this point is beyond me.

Smoey1813d ago

G'day Xbox

I said G'DAY MATE!

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