Bleszinski posts new teaser image for upcoming IP

Cliff Bleszinski has released another image of his work-in-progress, this time showing what looks like an adult and child walking along a canal bordering a futuristic city.

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cyguration1637d ago

Looks like The Last of Us and The Division.

The Last Division?

mafiahajeri1637d ago

Lol spot on, might be a bit of whatch dogs in there too.

brich2331636d ago

Reminds me most of "I am Alive" arcade game.

Hellsvacancy1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Looks like Marty Mcfly instead of Elie

zeal0us1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Let see first pic look like soldiers guard a river in the Grand Canyon. The second look like cyborg basketball players with midget ref. The third pic look like some city is being destroy by some WMD or just lightning. Now this pic of what seem to be homeless pair one with a rifle or something on his back and a child.

Futuristic shooter where humanity is fighting over resources while part of the the planet is destroying itself. To escape the destruction you a ex soldier and kid is taking a journey to the west with hopes of boarding Noah's ark. Have fun :D

Septic1636d ago

You may have just cracked the code!

Mounce1636d ago

And the unofficial, School-oriented sequel.

'The Last Division: Multiplications' Revenge'

kingmushroom1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

(In a epic voice) In a World full of mixed numbers....One Man ! Must multiply his army, to subtract the evil that that divides one natation on the brink of a TOTAL BRAIN FART !

The Last Division: Multiplications' Revenge

Preorder now At Gamestop for exclusive in game Calculator camo skin and be the first to unlock the super scientific calculatoooooor.

mafiahajeri1636d ago

I got that immediately too.

TheGreatGamer1636d ago

That film was great! if it is where Bleszinski got his inspiration then i have no doubt this new game will be just as awesome

BLAKHOODe1636d ago

Which is now on Netflix for those of you wondering what the hell he's talking about.

warewolfSS1636d ago

Yes! The road just came back on netflix

Clarence1636d ago

That's what I was thinking

specialguest1636d ago

Yes, The Road came to mind. People who have called it a LOU ripoff probably haven't seen this movie.

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JustPlay41636d ago

Not sure what to say at this point, need a trailer of some kind to know

konnerbllb1636d ago

It's just concept art. It will be a long time before there is content that can fill a trailer.

Rimeskeem1636d ago

is this for all consoles

okmrman1636d ago

yeah even for the super nintendo

mafiahajeri1636d ago

Lmao! Thanks for the laugh! XD

Kennytaur1636d ago

This game is going to look so good with 64kB SRAM!

pabadamus11636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

What is this? LOU pt 2? I hope that whatever he's doing is wholly unique and original. I wonder if he posted this piece of concept art with the blatant intent to draw comparisons to TLOU and generate buzz?

annus1636d ago

Two people in a picture? Last of Us rip off!

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