How Do You Perceive The Graphical Jump In Next-Gen Systems?

We've seen plenty of footage of next-gen games. Based on that, how do you view the upcoming visual increase? Is it satisfying or relatively unimpressive?

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ABeastNamedTariq1901d ago

I'm tentatively satisfied. I'm optimistic as to where we could go. :) Games like The Division, Infamous, and The Order have me looking forward to what's to come.

FamilyGuy1901d ago

InFamous SS, and Killzone SF are the only things really showing a big leap to me and obviously it's not as huge a leap as going from SD to HD was.

Launch wise I'm happy but not super impressed, I was completely blown away by the tech demos of The Sorcerer and Deep Down. When games release that use these engines I'll be happy if they look look anywhere near what was shown.

Time will tell, I expect to be blown away eventually.

JokesOnYou1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Ryse is setting the bar graphically, its a launch game so no doubt things will only get better. Still what matters more is the total package, which is why I think Titanfalls stellar multiplayer is the clear front runner for the next COD type seller.

FamilyGuy1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

OMG gtfo with that Ryse bs, can't believe you just replied to me mentioning Ryse!

That game looks like trash to me, complete garbage and I've stated this on numerous occasions. I try not to go into too many articles about Ryse because I understand that fans exist and I don't want to be called a troll for simply having a different taste in what I consider a high quality or noteworthy game. Please don't come in mentioning that game as a reply to me, I'm pretty passionate about my disdain for it. LOL

There's no aspect of Ryse that impresses me, not even the graphics. The character models are extremely bland, repetitive and forgettable. I don't see a graphical jump, I see a step back. The gameplay looks horrible, clunky and jerky and it looks like the story mode is practically on rails. The actual fighting looks simplistic, shallow and boring. The only thing I see that's attracting adult men to this title is the gore and roman empire theme/story/background. I'd rather watch a movie or Sparticus.

It still looks like a Kinect game for the 360, upgrading the graphics and giving it controller support does not help it, I can still clearly see its roots and it's horrible.

Titanfall looks fun, fast-paced and new in its own way but (from the videos I've seen) it's not pushing a graphical bar. It looks current gen, PS3/360/Wii-U. It doesn't have all those fancy lighting and particle effects we've been seeing in Xbox One and PS4 titles. Don't get me wrong, Titanfall looks like it'll be a great game but this article is about a "graphical jump" and it's not a graphics showcase as much as it's a great game play showcase. If I missed a video showcasing it as something graphically stunning please link me to it.

JokesOnYou1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I dont give a shiii about your "disdain" you gave your opinion regarding the headline and I did the same. This isnt a inFamous or KZ SF exclusive thread. If you don't like what I have to say then ignore me but you're not going to shut me up because you don't agree with me. lol, Are you really on n4g complaining about somone replying to you, which doesn't hurt you at all...oh but wait you must be better than everyone else so you get to dictate who and what is said in response to you? lmfao, Why so butthurt?

"There's no aspect of Ryse that impresses me, not even the graphics. The character models are extremely bland, repetitive and forgettable. I don't see a graphical jump, I see a step back."

-Well sometimes we see what we want to see. Fortunately the overwhelming majority of the press and most of those NOT wearing fanboy googles say different.

Ryse Marius character model= 150,000 polygons
KZ SF highest LOD character= 40,000 polygons

-Need I fill this thread with tons of sites saying how stunning Ryse graphics are? Yeah the gameplay is debatable I think it plays like AC while the multi needs fine tuning but pretending Ryse graphics are garbage just makes you sound like you're high on some good fanboy shiii.

-Its unfortunate for you that this Ryse info is so upsetting, however I will continue commenting how I like, when I have no authority censor opinions you dont like. I mean really stop crying you're better than that, I hope.

FamilyGuy1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It doesn't matter if he's 2 million polygons, trash = trash, no matter how high the resolution gets, no matter how many triangle are used. It's trash. You call me a fanboy simply because a game you like looks crappy to me, if anything YOU'RE the fanboy and it's obvious that you're a fanboy because you saw my post mention PS4 games and immediately replied with Xbox One exclusives.

Gtfo hypocrite lol

You don't even have a sound argument against my reasoning for not liking Ryse, you just post links to websites where something positive was said. I don't care about your opinion or theirs LOL. For example, Lost Planet 3 looked like crap, I didn't need to see reviews to confirm this for me, I don't need it to be an Xbox exclusive for me not to like it, I don't need any other reason than my own.

For clarification:
Best Ryse screen shot I've seen and it looks nothing like what we've seen in-game but here it is

Here's a common, in-game scene that is the reason why I don't care about how many polygons are used because of all the reasons I stated earlier (bland character model, etc) it looks like trash.

Here are killzone characters, it's a first person shooter so the story characters are the ones you actually see and these character actually have... character. Their faces and what they're wearing make them look more interesting. http://media1.gameinformer....


They both look miles better than Ryse, like they're on different gaming generations. Marius was made to look like some unimportant pawn, not even a co-star character, just some random guy you'd beat in 5 seconds and keep moving on from without ever thinking of him again. Yet he's the main character! -_-

As far as me not wanting to be replied to about Ryse, as I said actively try not to go into Ryse topics bashing it so I just don't like it (which looks like trash to me) being pushed in my face by some obvious fanboy. You can reply all you want, I wasn't claiming that you couldn't, just stating that I don't like it or think it's worthy of praise in any form or on any of its aspects.

You have a good day though ^_^

JokesOnYou1900d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"It doesn't matter if he's 2 million polygons, trash = trash, no matter how high the resolution gets, no matter how many triangle are used."

-OK so side by side pure graphic details in an article about graphics doesnt matter at all= Thats WHY you are a fanboy because #1 you got butthurt simply because my first harmless comment was that Ryse was setting the bar graphically, which caused you to react with a fanboy rant.

#2Responding WHY you disagree is normal but acting as if your opinion is all that matters and somehow you're ABOVE all us fanboys all while acting just like a fanboy is the EPITOME of fanboy behavior.

As for me being a fanboy if supporting what I like with no hesitation or regard for others personal feelings or going against the popular attitude is wrong then I happily accept the fanboy label. Truthfully I really don't care if I'm called a fanboy....My self evaluation is all that matters. I look at my comments here and for quite sometime now and all I do is support what I like and I dont follow or bash what I don't as long as I KNOW I'm speaking rationally I dont care what others think of me, I take the hate as a compliment because I know that nothing hurts a fanboys feelings more that a well thought opinion DIFFERENT than their own. 2 million polygons= trash pfft yeah OK, basicly I don't need to call you a fanboy since you have done a good job of demonstrating it through your own comments.

HAC5221899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Hey, man....
your kinda being a dick. you exploded out of nowhere because the guy had an opinion of graphics quality in comparison to a game you liked.

PS4 all the way, but take it easy.
the PS4 is the more powerful system, if a game doesn't have a higher polygon count and/or resolution of a xb1 game, it'll surpass it eventually, sooner rather than later.

I feel like PS4 buyers are becoming the insistent and immature fangirls of this generation. Its pretty disappointing

FamilyGuy1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I don't think Ryse is setting a graphical bar because of the lack of detail in Marius' character model, as well as all the other characters shown in that game. There seems to be very little effort put into the design of the characters in that game compared to just about any AAA game we've seen this gen or on the PS4 and X1. I don't think it's showcasing anything special.

I have two eyes just like anyone else and I've watched plenty of the trailers and game play videos to try to see what the excitement is about and I'm just not impressed. The changing ground of the coliseum is the only aspect of the game that looks good/cool to me. Seeing the environment pop up from the ground. Once the characters come marching on the screen all interest is lost though. When they start swinging their swords and arms fly off without arms being attacked I'm not impressed, when they do the team kills in slow motion and the other enemies just continuously run towards them unable to attack I'm not impressed, when they begin attacking and their bodies jerk into the start of the attack animation I'm not impressed, when they go marching in a line to their next destination in story mode as if they have no free will to roam at times I'm not impressed.

This has nothing to do with PS4 vs Xbox One, get that through your head. I just don't see any other Xbox One games to compare Ryse to. The only reason why Killzone is mentioned and used is because in my first comment I state that it along with Infamous SS are good looking games.

You = fanboy
Me = Agnostic and opinionated

I can actually be seen praising and talking positively about X1 features and games when a positive thing is shown or mentioned. 300,00 severs, that indie game Below, ability to link 8 controllers, free Fifa (before they mention Day One edition buyers only), Titanfall and more.

I'm not here to defend or bolster Sony, I simply don't like Ryse.

4Sh0w1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

"OMG gtfo with that Ryse bs, can't believe you just replied to me mentioning Ryse!"

Wow talk about overreacting and you sound so arrogant which says alot about you. You act as if he attacked you personally, its just an opinion about a game. All your "I'm not impressed" statements would have been a very legitimate response had you chose to act like an adult in the first place, now it just seems like a shallow attempt to justify your hate. You talk like somone struggling to seperate himself like "hey look at me Im no fanboy, no, no, no not me" but ironically you sound like exactly what you seem to hate so much. No reasonable person would judge you for going to a Ryse thread and making reasonable criticism and if they did why the hell would you care as long as you know your comments were genuine. No its when you constantly spew negative opinions or make ridiculous observations with nothing creditable to back it up that it is fair to assume one is "trolling", like most of n4g btw. I don't know you but your above behavior is definitely as fanboyish as it gets. I suggest if you are going to throw around the fanboy tag you might want to look in the mirror first.

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HectorSalemanca1901d ago

Im not as impressed with the jump from say ps2 to ps3 but I'm impressed enough to buy the next-gen!

dcj05241900d ago

Agreed. PS1-PS2 HOLY SH*T
PS2-PS3 woah.

mochachino1900d ago

looks good for launch games. I expect the real graphical leaps to come 12-18 months from launch.

MysticStrummer1900d ago

I'm more than satisfied with how the launch games look, and am excited to see how much better they'll get as the generation progresses.

GarrusVakarian1900d ago

Ask me again when Naughty Dog announce their game.

Jaqen_Hghar1900d ago

When Naughty Dog announce their game?

There a man asked

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