Fact or Fiction: Gears 2, GT5 Car Damage & More

411's Joe Roche and Ramon Aranda give their thoughts on the timing of the Gears of War sequel, finally getting car damage in Gran Turismo, Nintendo's lack of new IP, Microsoft's war on arcade ports, Ikaruga's popularity, and whether The Force Unleashed will offer more than just flash in this edition of 411 Fact or Fiction Games.

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poos33894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

lol why is eveyr site so pro sony man i want the sony ps3 to die off so we can start getting games that look and play good ps3 can not do polygons and textures well check all games coming out for the ps3 inc mgs4+r2 +kz2 all those games have no detail to the graphics now check out gears of war 1 and gears of war 2 ingameshots and ull see what detail is not characters looking like manikins with plastic looking skin like in uncharted+mgs4+r2

The Closing3894d ago

^^Most retarded post ever? Quite possibly.

Atomic3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

What the hell ! , frickin' 10 years old kids ruining this site
i hope that your parents cut your internet access.

poos33894d ago

well if u dont belive me show side by side ingame pics opf mgs4 and gears of war ingame and lets see if im wriong u guys are to scared to compare pics of gears of war 1 to anny ps3 games show asingleplayer gesrs of war 1 grphics and ull see why ps3 owners never show pic comparisons

The Closing3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Here's some pics since you've obviously never seen any of these games. You must be blind or stupid or maybe a bit of both. All these games put gears graphics to shame, and this is coming from a big Gears fan.


King_many_layers3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I'm just wondering, have you played through Uncharted Drake's fortune ??

I highly doubt it, or those comments about the games art style and character models wouldn't have been said.

the character models in Gears of War are quite good, infact very good, but to say they are better than Uncharted's is fairly silly.

oh and character comparisons - both from IGN ::

Uncharted -

Gears -

To be honest I find the comparison strange considering the year seperating the games. Though I suppose they are relative in terms of possible development time

edit ::
sorry bout that, didn't see you got there first 'The closing'

also, here's some additional images for the character model argument. This time from Killzone 2 - ( claimed ) pre pre aplha build. ::


and another

thereapersson3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

This is one of the stupidest posts i've ever seen on this website. Even the open zone itself cringed a little when you decided to hit "Add Reply".

edit: @ above -

yeah, and the nice thing about the character models in KZ2 is they don't use simple bump maps, rather they are just made of extremely high polygon counts.

You bought an Xbox3894d ago

Is really one dumb sonofab!tch

And one more thing

Ha Ha
You Bought an Xbox

juuken3894d ago

I question your logic.

Would you rather have Sony bashing sites then? If so, then you can kindly move over to the 360 forums where it's being bashed from left to right.

Here, we give Sony some big props for putting up with that bullcrap. They're recovering from 2007 and I see a bright future for the PS3.

Pain3894d ago

wow u a sad disgruntled kid,should have spent your Allowance on a that PS3 insted eh.

"sony just die off already" wow spoken like a True i hate SONY jellus Xbox Fan.

hack64643894d ago

Take this child down to one bubble. I can't even understand his comments. It's like he is speaking in another language.

FLOPbox 3603894d ago

hahahahahhaha What a clown. Xbox 360 is garbage and is being destroyed. You got owned like the 14 year old retard you are.

mesh13893d ago

ahahahah look at ehse sony trolls posting comparison pics of non ingam euncharted but tank fully there are ingame screen shots of gears + uncharted in that pic and if ppl look at all pictures with wep hud u;lll see expcially the pic marcus is chain sawing a locust looks better than mgs 4 in ever way if u dont belive me just check the pics the 1s with wespon hud ill repeat that uncharted pic u posted is no tuingame cause it was in a mag and does not look nothinglike other pics inthe link u posted with a hud also the gears of war pic u posted the ureal engine is not fully loaded look at other pics in the link u posted and ull see why im laughing at u .

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Fade_Walker3894d ago

Might help if the link actually worked?...or is it just me?

Merkaba3894d ago

Nah its not just you. doesn't work here either.

nanometric3894d ago

Maybe you don't mind changing "(Open Zone)" to (Retard Zone)", eh?

Richdad3894d ago

the link is responding it says a statement that Star Wars Force Unleahsed will be all flash no substance and says its in correct. Its gonna be best game in Star War Series till now as per the site.
Wii doesnt need new ip people are buying it w/0 gmaes.
Gears2 is right in time and will be great to have it.
GT5 Damge will make it better.

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