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Submitted by godfree 890d ago | podcast

Michael Pachter - "Price matters in next gen, PS4 set to outsell Xbox One by 25 to 30%" [GTR]

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*GTR celebrates our 400th episode!
*Michael Pachter Interview about Wii U, 2DS, Xbox One, PS4 & PS Vita
*PS4 will outsell XB1 by 25 to 30%
*Voicemail shout outs
*Pachter interview continues….
*Roundtable with Godfree, Mandy & Paustin
*Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Fat Joe – “Madison Square” (3DS, Industry, Michael Pachter, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PlayStation, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   890d ago | Well said
Nothing that we didn't already know. What's next? Sony first party studios making amazing games? Kinect 2.0 ending up like the original one?
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black0o  +   890d ago
i bet by the end of the gen we may even see more then 30% more like 40-50%

edit: i bet we may even see one side show just like ps2 did, and as we know this guy always says BS and that 25-30% isnt even close to real thing
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Skips  +   890d ago | Well said
When you have cheaper/superior hardware, and way more talented (emphasis on talented) 1st party studios...

What do you expect?
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C0LLAT  +   890d ago
PS4 is seeking world domination!
BitbyDeath  +   890d ago
Xbone isn't even releasing in half as many countries as PS4 and hasn't even begun production yet unlike the PS4. Not to mention PS4 has a huge lead already in usa pre-orders.

Pachter is wrong again, PS4 is looking to lead by a 50%-75% difference.
awi5951  +   890d ago
@ BitbyDeath

You are delusional after the console wars ended in a tie there isnt going to be a huge shift in this gen either. Your just being a fanboy The only company thats left out this point is nintendo.
BitbyDeath  +   890d ago
@awi5951, why do you state their won't be any huge shift but then later state except for Nintendo?

When a new gen begins everyone starts from 0, even Microsoft.
Bathyj  +   890d ago
MS owe most of their good fortune this gen to the year-year and a half lead they had releasing. PS3 was always playing catch up as far as sales go yet still always selling faster.

Eliminate that variable and I see PS4 taking the early lead and never giving it up. Sony would have to shoot themselves in both their own feet to mess this up and I dont see that happening. Theyre just to good at this now to make silly mistakes with that sort of impact. MS is in for a hard slog coming from behind.
Magicite  +   889d ago
PS3 could have continued PS2 domination if only Sony would make right decisions timely.
minimur12  +   889d ago
patcher really annoys me, I dunno why

has anything he said come true?
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awi5951  +   889d ago

Nintendo is left out because the release like 2 good games a year made by nintendo and 3rd parties ignore them completely thats why. And the wii was a total fad that parents and grandparents bought then didnt play after a few months. Nintendo doesnt have that massive hype to push sales so it wont be a threat at all this gen.

And i couldnt really care in the first place im not buying either of them just setting the fanboys straight. Im gaming on PC only this gen so have fun playing on your overclocked laptops.
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UltimateMaster  +   889d ago
I bet what he means by 30% to 40% is more around 30 times and 40 times more, but he doesn't want Microsoft that.
MariaHelFutura  +   890d ago
It's going to sell it by more than that. The PS4 is outselling it 2:1 in NA.

And it has a head start in 19 countries where the brand pretty much already dominates.

PS4, it only does everything...better for less money.
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rewardedone   890d ago | Spam
xHeavYx  +   890d ago
Didn't the PS3 outsell the 360 even with 1 year advantage? This time the One will be watching from behind
MariaHelFutura  +   890d ago | Well said
"I guess the X1 doesn't deserve the same consideration that people demanded the PS3 be given."

No, they don't. They tried to bring the concept of the New World Order to home consoles. They wanted to treat gamers like criminals and took their ball and when home when their FANBASE didn't want to be treated like that. They've told half truth to flat out lies about everything from MGS5 to DRM and Kinect system implementations. Plus, they took Ryse, DR3 and KI from 360 gamers to pad their line up.

The PS3 had BR which is why it was so expensive, launch almost a year and a half later and still outsold the 360. The difference between the 360 and PS3 weren't as slanted as the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One. To top it all off, the Xbox One is more expensive. I would list the reasons here but I can't because they everything the PS4 does better than the Xbox One barely fits in the space they allow you to comment in.
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Skips  +   890d ago

"I guess the X1 doesn't deserve the same consideration that people demanded the PS3 be given."

Thing is, the PlayStation brand is just a lot more powerful than the Xbox brand...

So PS3 catching up (even after a 1+ year behind on the market, $200 price disadvantage, almost 10 million units behind etc.) was already a given.

Take away all those advantages MS had to dominate the gen with the 360, but then still end up losing... Not exactly a great sign for how Xbox One will do against PS4 with almost everything GOING FOR PS4. lol

Could you imagine how much PS3 would've completely stomped the 360 if it released at the same time and not to mention at the same exact price tag???
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MariaHelFutura  +   890d ago
Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)
Camera w/ Voice Recognition: Both
Preorders: PS4
Polls: PS4
Recording Time: PS4
Friendlist: PS4
Countries Available: PS4
Headset Options: PS4
Controller: PS4 (doesn't require AA's or accessories)
Indie Support: PS4
Consistency: PS4
Previous Console Support: PS4

The Xbox One deserves exactly, what it's gonna get. A backseat to the Playstation for the 3rd time in a row.
rewardedone   890d ago | Spam
meganick  +   890d ago
Nothing is outselling anything. They're not even out yet. You're referring to preorders but those aren't a reliable indication of what sales will be like. A lot people only preorder just for the sake of guaranteeing that they can buy a system at launch, but then many of them will cancel their preorders for various reasons. I suspect PS4 will outsell X1, but not by much, only because Microsoft is way better at marketing than Sony, and that makes a big difference in sales.
MariaHelFutura  +   890d ago | Well said
"rewardedone" joined 4 days ago.

These are his only 2 comments.
MysticStrummer  +   890d ago
It's funny how people like rewardedone like to talk about PS2 sales vs PS3 sales, and they'll mention 360 sales like they were the only factor in people buying fewer PS3s, as if Nintendo also didn't have a huge explosion in sales this generation.

I've said it before but apparently some people don't get it...

PS2 wiped the floor with XBox and... was it Gamecube...? I can't even remember what N's console was last generation... Anyway, PS2 destroyed both, so MS and N had nowhere to go but up and Sony had nowhere to go but down. Nintendo had a huge increase in sales and so did MS, so of course Sony;s market share went down. On top of that, Sony sabotaged themselves by having the highest priced console that was also tougher to code for, and being arrogant about it to boot.

It was not MS alone that knocked Sony out of first place. It was a combination of factors from all three companies.

As for next gen, only time will tell but so far MS has blown it pretty bad and it will cost them early on for sure. When and if they'll recover is anyone's guess, but there's a decent chance they may not win in any territory, including NA.

So far, the best next gen decision MS has made is to keep Titanfall off of PS4, at least temporarily. The rest of their decisions have been so bad they've been forced to change their stated policies and plans multiple times in the space of a few months.

I think MS will be happy if Pachter's prediction turns out to be correct, and being outsold by 25-30% is as bad as it gets.
andibandit  +   890d ago
Sorry but looking at the game preorders is kinda of irrelevant. The mere fact that Amazon have their own bundles for PS4 and not for Xbox1 makes it a bad representation.
Are games that amazon has bundles for with PS4.

Games like COD:Ghosts, AC4 and destiny, would be a better representation.

You can go look for yourself on, search "ps4 bundle" and then search "xbox1 bundle"

I have no doubt PS4 will outsell Xbox1, but how much more is something i'll wait for the NPD to reveal.
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Skips  +   890d ago

"Of course PS3 would have stomped 360 if, in 2005, Sony was selling Blu-ray players for $399 when every other manufacturer was selling them for $1000+."

Dude.. Are you joking??? Even WITHOUT Bluray, Sony would've stomped the 360 at $399... lmao. ESPECIALLY if they released at the SAME EXACT TIME...

Saying otherwise is just downright delusional. XD

"That used to be the case."

Not "used to be" if the PlayStation brand closed a near 10 million unit gap, then managed to come out on top. All while stomping the 360's predecessor 2:1 in pre orders in the US (Xbox home turf), and even more so around the world.

That's currently happening NOW. So I don't know where you're getting this "used to be" business from. lol

"However, the Playstation brand went from 150+ million sales to 80 in the span of a generation."

Read MysticStrummer's comment bud...


On top of PS2 being on the market for TWELVE YEARS while NEVER having a $600 price point vs. a system that HAS started at a $600 price point being on the market for only SEVEN. Almost half the time of the PS2 and not to mention PS3 JUST reached the golden $199.99 price point. (When PS2 sales went booming)...

"Meanwhile, the Xbox brand went from 25 million to 80 in the same span."

Again, read Mystic's comment... You'd have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to really think they've done that on their own... lmao

It literally took Sony screwing up a ****load, and all the advantages it would take to dominate a generation (which they didn't) to pull what they did...

That isn't the case this time... And the PlayStation brand, again, is looking much more powerful than the Xbox brand... Pulling in (I repeat DOUBLE the pre orders Xbone is doing on XBox's supposed "home turf")...

Those are the facts buddy...

If Microsoft lose their home turf (which is ALREADY happening), it's over... lol Ain't no way they're pulling Japan and Europe out from under Sony without all the advantages ($200 price point, ease of development, 1+year etc.etc.) they had going into last gen.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   890d ago
@rewardedone do know that PS2 sold 50 million units....THIS GEN RIGHT? LMFAO! did they "lose" to people who technically just own PS2's and have yet to buy PS3's?

And wait.....did PS3 just stop selling? Link? PS3 is STILL selling and its still available and its clear Sony will keep supporting it in the long run.

I mean...did you not hear Pach say PS2's were selling even this year? Just saying. Technically those folks who bought PS2's are STILL PLAYING THEM! I mean...when they want a PS3, they will get it at 99...JUST like they got the PS2 THIS GEN at $99.

Sorry, but there is no proof to say 50 or so million people bought 360's after PS2s...during the same gen ie 2006-NOW just happen to go PS2-360 the same gen. If they couldn't afford a PS3, I find it hard to see them affording a PS2, then a 360 a year later. Cause technically a year later the PS3 has a price drop. Sorry but it doesn't add up, PS systems have not been known to just randomly stop selling once a new gen starts.

PS1 got to 100 million during PS2's gen and PS2 got to 150 during PS3's gen.

Why don't you do the most obvious thing based on this thing called history and talk to us during the middle of PS4's gen before we speak on PS3's install based.

and fyi no one knows how many 360 are even working in terms of a install base. There is a reason why PS3 games have been selling better despite having a so called "equal" install base. Its because of the 30% failure rate on 360. Thats like what...10 or so million units that are technically dead!? LOL!
rewardedone   889d ago | Spam
Skips  +   889d ago

"a study two years ago showed that 360's sold at a HIGHER average price than PS3's - negating the argument that most people bought the $199 360."

Source??? Because if I remember correctly... The PS3 has been continually outselling the Xbox 360 year after year, closing the near 10 million gap even WHEN they were at a $200 disadvantage.

Or are you talking about the US market ONLY, which isn't even relevant to this OVERALL MARKET SHARE topic? lol

And I'm not talking about them being at the same price YEARS after launch when MS has already penetrated Sony's market share. lmao... I'm talking about them getting stomped AT LAUNCH... If Sony released a console at $399.99, at the same exact time as MS (even WITHOUT Bluray.)

XD They would've indeed "gotten stomped", AT LAUNCH, if they were to release AT THE SAME TIME, with THE EXACT SAME PRICE POINT...

"Just like it took MS screwing up a ****load to hand Sony the early advantage with PS4. You'd have to be a complete idiot to believe that Sony's done this on their own."

LMAO!!! And yet even with all the reversals BEFORE launch... MS STILL can't catch up to Sony in pre orders??? Just WOOOOOW! XD

And not to mention the scale of MS messing up isn't anywhere CLOSE to how long Sony screwing up lasted...

Sony's mistakes = After launch and not to mention it continuing much much later... And yet they were still able to out sell Xbox 360 YEAR AFTER YEAR...

MS's mistakes = Before launch, till they practically reversed EVERYTHING their so called vision was about... And haven't even moved an INCH in terms of pre orders vs. the PS4... Maybe a sudden surge then it died off, but still nowhere near in comparison...

Big difference buddy.
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YNWA96  +   890d ago
Wow, you people NOW agree with Pachter?
Hi Maria, how are those links? Wish I had the time to troll like that....

Edit. Why do people want Sony domination again? Last time that happened they went stupid.... Also, I like how classy senior Sony management are these days, taking shots at MS.... Air of arrogance? I do not remember senior people at MS making comments about Sony, simple to just say nothing, concentrate on your own product....
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HiddenMission  +   890d ago
I dont agree with pachter normally but this time hes right.

You must be new to gaming or have a lapse in memory because MS talked shit about Sony for the last 7 years. It wasnt until Sony closed the gap to a million units did MS close their holes.

Try and spin it all you want but MS is not an innocent company by any means.
MysticStrummer  +   890d ago
"I do not remember senior people at MS making comments about Sony"

You have a bad memory then.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   889d ago
YNWA96-Sony takes shots at MS just as most corporations do towards their competition. MS makes themselves the easy target nowadays, and shows how out of touch they are with the ideas and thought (or lack of) going on with the X1.
Also...Please don't pawn MS as classy, and their is no shortage of arrogance in that camp. It was MS who stated the infamous "No online connection? We have a product for that called the 360"...Taking shots at customers who have no internet access (military overseas, college students etc) Yeah...that's class.
Before you label me as a Sony fanboy, I have a 360 and both PS4/X1 on preorder. Its also September and STILL no solid release date. If there is a delay, or if the "yield/ESRAM" rumor turns out true, looks like Im switching that $499 into games and accessories for the PS4.
PSjesus  +   890d ago
PS4 well reach 100m unit while Xbox1 in mid 30m
It's PS2 vs Xbox 1(the real one) all over again
i think this is MS last gaming console they
did a huge research cost them millions and it failed miserably even before the system release

If SONY manage to beat MS in North A this the end for
them,Europe,Asia,ME south America all are PS brand loyal fan
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meganick  +   890d ago
I'm endlessly amused by people who think the PS4 will DECIMATE the X1. I have little doubt PS4 will outsell X1, but not by as much as many seem to think, at least in the US. Remember, Microsoft's marketing is second to none, and Kinect is VERY popular with the large casual gaming crowd. I would dare say that there's a slim chance the X1 could outsell PS4. I don't think it will, but it is possible, in the US that is.
PSjesus  +   890d ago
X360 had a Full year before PS3,also 3 years with games looks better on 360 while ported to PS3
exclusive contend and better online service ..... yet PS3 outsold it world wide.
motion control is sooo last gen even Nintendo understood this lesson,casual gaming is on phone tablet and touch screen if i want to lose wait i can go to gym instead of staying at home staring at overprice camera
kreate  +   890d ago
"Microsoft's marketing is second to none"

While I agree w this statement, Microsoft failed at marketing the xbox one so far.

They even admitted they need to communicate better to the consumers.
_-EDMIX-_  +   890d ago
Now I don't see MS qutting gaming. I do see depending on how badly it sells that the higher ups start to really question weather or not its worth it. Now MS lost a lot on XB1, lost a crap load on 360 RROD, made a crap load back from Kinect and now are going to lose AGAIN with XONE.

I'm sorry but for the billions put into this brand, they should really not be at number 3 or 2 every damn gen. But placement means nothing really...they should not be losing a pile of money every damn gen with nothing really to show for it.

What did you guys get from 360 that you didn't get for XB1 to keep you interested?

Fable? Halo? Forza? That is the issue. Why on earth are they still sleeping on new IP's? The folks buying PS4 day 1 are looking forward to InFamous, DriveClub, sequels to Uncarted, The Last Of Us etc.

InFamous came out this gen, Drive Club is a new IP for next gen, Uncharted is last gen etc. ie A IP THEY DID NOT GET ON PS2 IE THEY ARE NEW PEOPLE BUYING PS GAMES!

So what that you didn't like God Of War, here is Uncharted, hated GT, here is Motorstorm, don't like Sly, here is InFamous, don't like Socom, here is MAG....yeah MAG! I mean, the issue here is they are making you take a second look at the PS brand....EVERY DAMN GEN! So you don't like Infamous? Don't like The Last Of Us? Don't like Motorstorm? You might Like The Order, you might like Driveclub etc.

Can you say the same about a chunk of MS ips?

Don't like Fable....well here is Fable 2 and 3. Don't like Forza....well here is Forza 2 and 3.......horizon, don't like Halo...well here is Halo 3, 4.....ODST...REACH! This...this is the issue at hand. Many keep seeing the brand as JUST those IPs and can you blame them?
_-EDMIX-_  +   890d ago
XONE...Forza 5, Halo 5, Fable Journey. It seems they've learned nothing. But new IP's you say?

Well.....remember theses.

Fusion Frenzy

Perfect Dark Zero
Viva Pinata

My issue is, MSGS has really never supported a new ip past 3 games that WASN'T the big 4 ie Halo, Forza, Fable, PGR (and even PGR has no team as of right now)

Mass Effect you say? Gears Of War you say? MS owned NEITHER IP! It goes to show you, they seem to be more interested in selling you a system then a idea or a brand ie we will publish the game....don't expect us to fund it, support it in terms of teams etc. Things need to change at MSGS cause it seems that they are only interested in getting you to buy a system and then slowly just kinecting and HFFPG THE HELL OUT OF THERE (Halo, Forza, Fable, PG).

Its like those new ips are just to get you thinking "oh yea THIS time MS will support it for years to come..things are going to be different".

I mean damn they sold the most this gen AND STILL DIDN'T SUPPORT IT IN THE LONG RUN! Expect a quick getaway in about 2 years and less and less exclusives. I then they got what they wanted right? Ever question why a company that plans to spend money in-house for a whole gen is paying for timed exclusives? I mean...why waste money on something temporary when your actually funding something that is permanent?

Cause they aren't. They are only interested in those first year sales hints why they are paying for 2 timed exclusives currently. remember...MS payed 100 million for DLC much do you think they are paying for a damn full game to say on XONE for a year? MY GOD 2 GAMES!! Thats how MS feels about making in-house IPs. If they wanted to, they would clearly be focusing on that. They have one foot in and one foot out. Sorry but it really sounds like MS could really sit back and become a publisher cause they don't seem to be too interested in investing in new ips too much.

Its like MS really only cares about you buying the system for 1 game. Once you buy it for that new ip, don't expect sequels. They seem to only be interested in getting systems out the door and not about long term support.

Look at every PS system in terms of support for new ips.....look at MS systems in terms of new ips. look at then 6 and 7 years later and tell me who is really supporting new ips.

MS don't care about keeping people coming...they just care about sucking people in with timed exclusives. They could care less if you bought it by mistake thinking it was a REAL exclusive LOL!
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PSjesus  +   889d ago
I just want to add
Sony is an electronic manufacturing company high quality hardware is there business so it's cheap for them.

Nintendo is Gaming company making games is theire business

Microsoft in other hand is a rich software company
used to have extra money to waste in 2000s,but now with the rise of Google and Linux also the popularity of Apple they need this money .instead of wasting it on gaming devices they can support it on Windows and enhance their OS ........ that's why Balmer and Don fired,even the richest companies try to avoid loss with heavy competition
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kneon  +   889d ago

There is a good chance that the PS4 could pull way ahead early on. Multiplayer is a huge factor now in console sales, for many people the choice of console will come down to what their friends are buying since they want to play with their friends on line.

This network effect can potentially put them way ahead early on if most people are only going to buy one of the consoles up front. Of course even if this happens Microsoft could make up ground later on if they can put out a good string of must have exclusives.
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USMC_POLICE  +   890d ago
But but it has voice command lol I went to game stop to pick up splinter cell Friday and buy another ps4 game. The guy tried to get me to switch to Xbox one he said he played it at there GameStop event along with ps4 and bone was so much better and battlefield looked better on xbone and he tried to get me to preorder cod. I laughed and said na sony deserves my money for there system and 6 games I have reserved they haven't changed there attitude and policies.
palaeomerus  +   890d ago
cool story bro
JessiePinkmanYo  +   889d ago
He was full of crap considering the fact that even the PS4s and X1s at Gamescon and E3 were actually dev kits on PC. Also-More stupid points on him for promoting a company who tried to eliminate the used game market.
If you believe his story, I have a bridge to sell you.
Paytaa  +   890d ago
There's a pretty high chance that the sky might be blue tomorrow but not everyone is sure.
aceitman  +   890d ago
patcher said hulu has no ads lmao they have ads every 15, minutes.ur wrong again patcher.
aceitman  +   889d ago
and this is kaz saying
Godz Kastro  +   889d ago
Now pacheter is right all of the sudden... hypocrisy.
showtimefolks  +   889d ago
this will turn ugly in comments section, fact is price matters more than anything else. Early on when parents will be buying a new system for their kids when they go into a store they will be told about $100 less for ps4

for us core gamers we don't mind paying but for casuals yes it does make a difference

but both will be successful so no need for any hating on ps4 or xbox one
nooneknows  +   890d ago
I do believe that the PS4 could either crush the Xbox One if they continue to do what they do, or just outsell the Xbox by 10-12 Million.

I highly doubt the Xbox One will out sell the PS4, it just doesn't look likely with the NA market slipping from them.

BTW, this guy is always wrong.
#2 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   890d ago
Right now I think the Xbox1 could be proven to be stronger than the PS4 at this point, similar price point and the PS4 would still outsell it! Due to the indecisiveness on Microsofts part! They've flat out damaged their brand on their own without Sony or Nintendo help.

With no true gauge of where they're headed even the management is being seen as incompetent, major players are leaving before the system has even released! If someone could show how this would breed confidence in the system please fill free to tell me how.
#2.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
nooneknows  +   889d ago
PS4 pre-orders are higher than Xbox One pre-orders in NA.

That's insane.

MS shot themselves and Sony took advantage.

Gamers are pretty sensitive, it took time for them to forgive Sony's $599 outrageous price for PS3, but it was no where near as bad as DRM. Not only that but a $599 PS3 provided a lot of stuff that the Xbox 360 couldn't.
Benjammin25  +   890d ago
PC and PS4 this gen for me. Although I do believe that the One has a lot of potential and I wish MS and it's future fans the best of luck with it. Same goes for the Wii U and Vita (Love my Vita.). 3DS does not require or want my support so it shan't receive it from me.
theWB27  +   890d ago
Lets see how many people now agree with the famous Pachter.
HammadTheBeast  +   890d ago
I disagree with him.There's no way PS4 will outsell XBO by 25-30 percent.


It'll be at LEAST 50% :D

Lol, gotta love these next months coming up. It's fun adding fuel to the fires.
theWB27  +   890d ago
N4G is gonna blow a gasket come release. : )
#3.1.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(12) | Report
Mac is OK  +   890d ago
He's probably just talking about the US numbers, which is what he covers and where Xbox is the strongest.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   890d ago
Lol n4g will be like a nuke going off when the new consoles come out. This site will be blowing up with next gen game reviews. The fire will grow even bigger with killzone shadowfall reviews vs ryse reviews, then the site will go silent because everyone won't give a shit because we will all be going into gaming comas =D
Hicken  +   890d ago
"Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

Pachter's usually wrong. And when he isn't, it's because he states something so obvious my four year-old nephew could figure it out.

lol at you thinking people are flip-flopping. It'd be worse if they denied what he said simply because he's almost always wrong, as that would mean they weren't even paying attention to what he was saying.

.. sorta like you.
theWB27  +   890d ago
I own up to everything I write....everytime all the time. Usually pretty spot on too, but I can see how being on the other side of the fence and seeing my facts can make you a Haha get it, you're a Sony boy and their color is blue and...ah forget it.
Hicken  +   890d ago
So which "fact" is making me blue this time?

And where are you owning up to your poor attempt at... whatever the hell you were doing here? Assuming that Sony people would agree with Pachter just because he's saying something positive about Sony, rather than realizing he's essentially stating the obvious. Assuming that he's ALWAYS wrong, because he's wrong MOST of the time.

As I said, he can be right if he states the obvious.

Oh, wait. You didn't even respond to any of that. I wonder why that is..?
theWB27  +   890d ago
"So which "fact" is making me blue this time?"

My original comment wasn't a fact nor an opinion.

What is there to own upto? I posted lets see how many agree with him. If you let me know whats to own upto then I will.

Even my second comment was stating how N4G is gonna blow once the consoles release. Is there something to own up there too?

I'm lost...the reason I'm not responding to the other stuff is there's no real need.

But....just let me know what I need to own upto.
No_Limit  +   890d ago
Oh OH. Now that Pachter had made that predicton, it will be the other way around. Pachter had just cursed the console war.
potedude  +   890d ago
That's it, Sony are screwed now... lol

This guy always seems to state the obvious, and get it wrong somehow. Lets hope it doesn't pan out that way this time!
scott182  +   890d ago
Yeah, he is insane to think the PS4 will outsell the Xbone by only 25-30%. try to buy it on amazon Patcher. It's sold out again my friend!
xc7x  +   890d ago
likely more because he's usually behind schedule,never right on or ahead of schedule
christrules0041  +   890d ago
No. It's more like curse of the third console.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   890d ago
If Sony announces a new Uncharted or God of War, The Last of Us, or hell, the moment a new Gran Turismo is announced, I can see sales skyrocketing even more. But Halo and Titanfall will do the same thing, methinks. Gears too, probably. I'd like a new one.
C-Thunder  +   890d ago
Agreed, though I don't think gears has the same clout as Halo or GT.
_-EDMIX-_  +   890d ago
and really...who said anything about Gears Being exclusive? UE4 works on PS4 too and Epic owns the Gears name not MS. I see Epic making Gears Multiplate, there is just too much money to be had, mind you Gears sells just as much units as a Uncharted and I feel it sorta should be selling more all with its broader appeal and stuff. I see Gears on every system but Wii U selling a monster amount compared to just being on XONE. Mind you with XONE likely having the lessor might be a bit much to ask Epic to make a timed game on a system that is selling less and is the weaker of the 3. Just saying...Epic has to compete against other games too.

Halo isn't the name it used to be in terms of sales. Though doing well, I'm not sure about this next one. Take into account that Bungie is doing Destiny which will be on XONE AND PS4 along with PS3 and 360. I see chunks of Halo sales going to the original team that created the damn thing....BUNGIE! Gears is not a bad game, but no way does it have the same unit pushing numbers that a GT or Halo have.

GT5 did like 10 million units. And to the Forza lovers.....GT5 almost sold more units THEN THE WHOLE DAMN FORZA SERIES COMBINED! LOL! Don't care how arcade racers feel about Sim games. Go back to playing your NFS Shift type game, played learning curve. Know why? Your talking to a dude that plays GT, you learn how to play GT, Forza is just as easy as driving a car in GTA! LOL!
#5.1.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
mafiahajeri  +   890d ago
The gran turismo crowd are not to be taken lightly once GT7 is announced millions of them YES millions will buy a PS4 just for GT7.

Their am interesting bunch they will buy the Console just for GT really dedicated fans.
#5.2 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HammadTheBeast  +   890d ago
Gran Turismo 5 PROLOGUE sold 5.5 million alone. It wasn't even a "real" game.
xc7x  +   890d ago
im one of those gt weirdos lol
qu1ckset  +   890d ago
I was a huge GT1-GT3 Fan, played GT4 wasn't impressed, and GT5 was crap compared to forze imo, I hope GT6 is ported to PS4 so I can see if the revitalized the series! I really hope consoles get a new racing sim to compete with GT and Forza
Narutone66  +   890d ago
Count me as one of those who will buy a PS4 just for GT7. I bought my PS3 just for GT Prologue/GT5, heck, I even bought the first version slim PS3 white, after my fat 60GB PS3 YLOD on me and was sent for repairs. I even bought the Logitech G25 racing wheel and mounting bracket which cost more than the G25.
C-Thunder  +   890d ago
I agree that the PS4 will be outselling the Xbox, just not sure about that percentage... He may be giving the Xbox too much credit. Much will depend on how quickly the PS4 sells in all of the countries the Xbox isn't even out in until sometime next year and which system can maintain that steady flow of big releases mixed with quality indie titles.

If either has a major lull next summer, it'll definitely slow their sales, but if one can keep a major release every month or two, they'll be rolling in sales.
luoshuigui  +   890d ago
The thing is, once PS4 starting showing signs they are outselling the x1(which no doubt will happen), MS will react immediately by cutting prices, the ps4's price advantage wont last very long.
OrangePowerz  +   890d ago
They cant undercut the PS4 with Kinect bundled and Sony can reduce the price as well.
scott182  +   890d ago
I'm not sure if it even matters that much. Amazon started selling those day one PS4's again at like 60 bucks more and they shot right up to number 1 again instantly. It's just something about the PS4 that is making people want it's sexyness....
Conzul  +   890d ago
Gee, might it be Sony's attitude toward gamers and its general respect for the medium.
BitbyDeath  +   890d ago
And now they're all sold out.
EXVirtual  +   890d ago
Well, it's hard for me to say Pachter's kinda right, but it's true. Partly.
I think it'll be more than 30% man. I really do. The PS4 could really demolish the XB1, even in the NA. I know that VGChartz isn't reliable and I'm taking a big bucket of salt from the listings, but did you see that ratio? It's gonna be at very LEAST 50%. Especially since the XB1 is launching in 13 countries initially and PS4 in 32.

Also, Pachter has one easy job. State the obvious.
#9 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Conzul  +   890d ago
Yes it's fun to trash Pachter, but he's right this time. Understating, but correct.
badkolo  +   890d ago
first off, playstation brand is synonymous with gaming and this is their 4th console, they are well known and while they might have slipped with the ps3 and lost some ground to the xbox 360, it looks like they have learned from their mistakes and will deliver a hell of a console and will concentrate on games like they always have, people trust sony to deliver them the goods and the impression is they are back so that alone plus being in over 30 countries its simply logical for it to outsell the x1, thats not a good or bad thing, thats simply logic
#10 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   890d ago
That was a amazing post but not for its content. It's the longest sentence I've ever Lets hope Sony's delivery is better than yours.
#10.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
FrigidDARKNESS  +   890d ago
I totally agree.
Pillsbury1  +   890d ago
It's because Sony isn't forcing us to pay extra for things we don't want or need with the console. Sony is giving gamers so much value with the ps4 and ps plus.
Clover904  +   890d ago
It took awhile, but I eventually bought a Sony console for the exclusives. Free games with Ps plus is just icing on the cake

And remote play is some more icing
And developers designed dualshock 4 is a little more icing
And $100 saved is a lot more icing
And the sleek, slim design while having better hardware is just more icing on the cake

This is one sweet cake!
NewVegasTroop  +   890d ago
icing on the icing lol!
stuna1  +   889d ago
Just from reading your post, I became an instant diabetic lol.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   890d ago
Well then Wii U gonna sell more than PS4

let see how much dislike I get.
MariaHelFutura  +   890d ago
I'm giving you a bubble for 'funny'.
stuna1  +   889d ago
I'm giving him one for interesting.
clearelite  +   890d ago
Thank you Pachy for continuing to introduce revolutionary concepts like "price matters".
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   890d ago
I wonder if PS4/X1 could get passed the wiiU within let's say a year or 2. Nintendos year headstart wasn't used to the fullest but, holidays are coming up.
Clover904  +   890d ago
We did it! We won! Sony is king! All hail the king!

Lol, jk. In all seriousness, my hype level is through the roof. This is an amazing time to be a gamer. It's going to be damn near impossible to find EITHER console on the shelves.
AceofStaves  +   890d ago
I'm wary of these kinds of predictions, but it's clear that Sony will outsell MS globally, given MS's limited-release strategy.

It will be interesting to see the launch sales numbers here in North America. The PS4 has the price advantage, which will be important to the general consumer - the person who doesn't spend time on gaming boards, etc. XBox has built up a considerable fanbase, and I'm curious to see whether or not the fanbase will adopt the new console in significant numbers.
dcj0524  +   890d ago
Its NOT going to be like PS2 but maybe more like PS1 or SNES. Either way it'll dominate but not absolutely rape everything and nuke it like PS2.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   890d ago
I'm glad everyone wants a ps4 so bad. Now I can resell my extra ps4 on eBay for.....MILLIONS!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
NateCole  +   890d ago
I agree with patcher if this is for NA. Lets not forget that MS has a very big following in NA.
Destrania  +   890d ago
Pachter forgot the second zero on that 30% ;-)
FrigidDARKNESS  +   890d ago
There are features the x1 has that gamers and consumers will want.
It will play4k blu ray movies at launch
Every xb1 sold is a devkit for anyone to create a game.

Listening to the whole podcast Pachter te
Lls alot of stuff.
#22 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   889d ago
^ 4k content is very low to non existent atm plus the fact that 4k TVs are not affordable for the general consumer and wouldn't be for a number of years.

Devkit funtionality is not available at launch.

So these features you mentioned won't really matter until they are widely available.
LordDhampire  +   890d ago
Great, I thought the ps4 was gonna out sell the xbox one, not anymore...anything pachter says is wrong
cunnilumpkin  +   890d ago
too bad both will sell at least 20-35% less than their last generation counterparts

the ps2 sold 100 million consoles by 2005, 4 years after release,

the ps3 has been out for 8 years and is only at 70 million

ps4 will be LUCKY to get 50 million in 8 years
#24 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   890d ago
You're not factoring in the fact that there is 3 successful consoles this gen, whereas it was 2 struggling consoles and PS2 dominating all the sales last gen.console sales are just as good as last gen, in the same time frame, even accounting for the price differences.(PS2 never really exploded until it hit that $199 killer price)

Same success as before, only the pie graph chart is changed around with Wii taking the lions share.

Next gen looks to be more gamecube/xbox/ps2 style again
cunnilumpkin  +   890d ago
disagree with facts all u want

ps2-4 years-100 million

ps3-8 years-70 million

ps4-10 years-50 million, maybe

pc, smartphones, tablets win
Misaka_x_Touma  +   890d ago
PS3 or 360 are low in terms of profit and success. Early model failure, developer not want to develop for ps3 early on. Year after year decrease in sales.

although it got better post 2010.
#24.1.2 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
_-EDMIX-_  +   890d ago
@cunnilumpkin- LOL! PS3 is at 80 million in 7 years buddy...

Did you take into account PS2 is at 150 million, 50 million of those units sold during THIS GEN? If you do, you'll notice that it really means that PS2 owners are the ones waiting for a 99$ price drop.

LOL! Wait until PS4 is hear to talk PS3 numbers buddy..
MysticStrummer  +   890d ago
"disagree with facts all u want"

DayZ answered your facts, and you ignored it. You lose.

You also underestimated PS3 sales by quite a bit in your second post.

Bottom line is more consoles were sold this generation than last.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   890d ago
Facts? I..i really can't put it anymore simply then my first comment.I mean, jesus.
Petro  +   888d ago
GameCube: 22 million
PlayStation 2: 155 million
Xbox: 24 million

Total sales of last generation consoles = 201 million

Wii: 100 million
PlayStation 3: 79 million
Xbox 360: 78 million

Total sales of this generation consoles = 257 million

So the console sales has actually raised 28% from last generation, and if the uptrend continues the total number of the next generation consoles would be 328 million. Stop spewing bullshit.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   890d ago
So, they essentially use a flamebait headline, from a pachter submission that was already submitted and approved here, but it gets approved again anyways, because some useless little podcast is attached to it> (that NOBODY will listen to)

I can't stand these slimy little scum sites
cunnilumpkin  +   889d ago
4 years
100 million consoles sold

what don't you people understand??

8 years
78 million sold

heck the ps1 did 100 million, the psp beat the ps3 at 79 million, the ds sold 157 million, the 3ds NEVER WILL

you kids don't get it, console gaming is declining, smartphones, pc, tablets, ipads, browser games and older platforms are all competing for peoples time

ps4 and xbox1 will sell 50-60 million in 8 years AT MOST

bet on it
brew  +   889d ago
PS3 = 7 years come this Nov 2013.
It will be 80+ million sold before then.

Console sales may be on the decline overall , sure (like handhelds) , but at least get your facts straight.
edonus   890d ago | Spam
arbitor365  +   890d ago
that is a best case scenario for the xbox one, I would say
MultiConsoleGamer  +   890d ago
Pachter also declared an early victory for the PS3.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   890d ago
And yet here we are, PS3 outsold 360, 360 has no games, and PS3 is dropping 90+ metacritic GOTY bombs yearly.

My, how the grass is green on this side.
#28.1 (Edited 890d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jcnba28  +   890d ago
Yeah and he ended up being wrong. What's your point?
ghostrider32  +   890d ago
And then Kuturagi will come back and give both MS and it's fans the middle finger Live at their next E3. Then he will be like ''Hey you stupid Xbots, you mad? Deal with it''.
NewAgeisHere  +   890d ago
I'm pretty sure 30% applies to US of the world?40%-50% more PS4 sold than Xbox my estimate.
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