Games Inbox: Ryse: Son Of Rome, GTA VI, and Titanfall on PS4

The one thing all games fans can agree on is that Ryse: Son Of Rome doesn’t look very good. It’s one of those classic ‘what were they think kind of situations’ where you wonder who on Earth Microsoft thought would like it. If they accept that only hardcore gamers buy games at the start of a gen, then why did they think that a super shallow beat ‘em-up with loads of QTEs would be a good idea?

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thetruthx11901d ago

Wrong *subjective* many people that have played Ryse at Gamescom and Pax had good things to say about it. It's mostly Sony's children that are saying negative things

sinncross1901d ago

all ive heard is really bad reports about the MP aspect being super unpolished.

FrigidDARKNESS1900d ago

True, i find the MP a little clunky however i wish folks on this forum realize that it is a beta version not the final code.

DonFreezer1900d ago Show
hakeem09961900d ago

MS paid the wrong people to make a game for them ,I never liked Crytek.

SCW19821901d ago

So Journalists are Sony's children now?

Izzy4081900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

seems like it... well, at least on N4G it does.

QuickdrawMcgraw1900d ago

Who are you kidding.This is N4Xbox.Home of the Xbox fanboys.

Loki861900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

@Mcgraw - Are you new here or what, just stop.

christrules00411901d ago

If it was so good why isn't it getting pre orders? Fact is the last stats for the US that was up to August 24th sheets and Killzone: Shadowfall outsold Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome plus Forza 5 combined. What good is a game that the players don't support? How is it just "Sony's children" when the Xbox One buyers don't even support the game?

There aint no hiding behind that.

pyramidshead1901d ago

IGN for one says hi.

But for the record SP looks leagues better than their multiplayer.

FamilyGuy1901d ago

Ryse has looked bad to me from the start, it started looking slightly better when they showed the coliseum and then started looking even worse than before when game play showing how clunky it is and how jerky the animations are surfaced. I won't discredit it for the bugs and glitching sense it's not a finished product yet but simply put I'm far from impressed.

It doesn't matter whatsoever that it's an Xbox game, I looks like crap to me all on its own and I wouldn't touch the thing even if it were a multiplatform game.

It was built for the 360 and the kinect 1 and it shows, porting it over to the X1 and giving it controller options so it could be a launch title was a mistake.
Making a gory kinect game was a mistake in the first place anyway.

MWong1900d ago

It honestly should have stayed on the XB360. It was a promising Kinect title, now it's a lifeless QTE button smasher. The game looks so clunky, they should probably kill the MP and focus on the single player.

HammadTheBeast1900d ago

IGN, biggest MS fanboys NA, said it wasn't all that great.

FrigidDARKNESS1900d ago

That was their assessment on the MP but if you go back and look at their opinions on the single player its a different story.

B-radical1900d ago

Yeah i dont like this article telling me i dont like ryse

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_FantasmA_1900d ago

IGN is pro-M$ so if they say the game sucks, then its got to be true. I mean the game is trying to hard to be God of War except it sucks so far.

sincitysir11900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I just want gta5. By the time Titan fall gets ported over it'll be too late. U fcked up electronic ass

Belking1900d ago

Another typical N4g trash article. The usual.

dale11900d ago

titan fall looks good on pc but thats it wheres the other versions.the only footage ive seen was the e3 demo and that was staged.i really need to see how it runs on the x1 as of ryse that could be a turd

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