Updated Web Browsers: Which One Works Best?

Back when the earliest programs for viewing Web content simply browsed flat pages of images and text, the name browser truly fit the software.

But yesterday's amateur pages have evolved into dynamic, content-rich portals and powerful online programs. For many online habitués, the do-it-all browser has become a PC's single most important program.

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Richdad3897d ago

Opera is a good one its glitchy if you dont upgrade but is faster much faster and durable than Firefox. I used opera most time but now only Firefox. Lets see if Opera removes its errors.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3897d ago

I use a combination of Firefox, I Explorer, and Yahoo for my service. None of them realy work perfect, they all have somthing buggy about them.

M_Prime3897d ago

i use FIREFOX only because it seems to have a lot less pop ups then EXPLORER.

I don't like having too many browsers ause u gatta install of these PLUGINS now.. and its annoying

funkeystu3897d ago

I reckon Opera is probably the best one out of the box, just for its clean interface, integrated download/torrent/Rss feed managers and speed, but at home I tend to use firefox, just because it is a bit more customisable and you can get most of opera's features and then a few more after a bit of tweaking.