If You Grew Up in the '80s, Your Soul Cries Out for This Space Shooter

Nerds and geeks of a certain age fondly remember Macross/Robotech, Star Blazers and other spectacle-filled, emotionally overwrought animated space operas from the 1980s. These Japanese series remain touchstones for a generation and some folks miss them quite a bit. Jake Kazdal is one of those people and the game designer decided to make a game paying homage to those old shows. It's called Galak-Z: The Dimensional.

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Kanako1929d ago

Like a cross between Asteroid and Gradius.

sinncross1929d ago

yeah man, but with completely open levels. its like an action adventure instead of shumup.

MAULxx1929d ago

Yes, I can definitely see asteroids in it.

Hicken1929d ago

Dat Itano Circus.

Note: The contrail-laden missile barrage in the picture is named the Itano Circus, after the guy who pretty much invented them. Completely unnecessary- and unlikely in space- but completely badass. It is my dream to die either firing or because of an Itano Circus.

On topic: Looking at the article title, I just KNEW I'd see some Galaga in here, but after watching this video, YES!

I want me some Galak-Z!

MAULxx1929d ago

I grew up in the 80s but was never really into anime.
That said, this looks good. Can't wait to try it out.

sak5001929d ago

Me too born in 70s but actually got sense in 80s but for me it was galaga , pacman, asteroids, missle command, that sideways shooter Defender, then that isometric kind of vertical scroller started with Z something.

optimus1929d ago

Welcome to the club.. ;) ...i think the game you're thinking of is Saxxon Z.

sak5001929d ago

Optimus almost spot on mate it was Zaxxon ;)