Sony Isn’t Cheating You With The PS4

Many positive things came out of the recent PS4 event, however at the moment we are just concentrating on the not so good. Mainly online multi-player, which means that you will need a subscription to PS Plus. If you want to take part in online multiplayer on the upcoming PS4 it will cost you $4.99 per month with the PS Plus subscription. There are many gamers who are happy to subscribe to PS Plus for the PS3 as they get great value for their money with cloud game saves and easy access to an instant game collection.

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Rearden1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

No one said Sony was cheating anyone...

grumpc1900d ago

We're talking about Sony, not Microsoft.

Heisenburger1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Lol I like the idea that this article was written *because of something a guy with the handle "HammadTheBeast" said.

JackOfAllBlades1900d ago

I have PS+ for my Vita and PS3 and already think it is great valuehuehue! Let alone after I get my PS4

Majin-vegeta1901d ago

Obviously anyone with a brain can see PS+ is a great value.And anyone else who says it's not well they're brain dead.

1901d ago
MWong1900d ago

I know I would have purchased PS+ even if it wasn't required based on my experience on the PS3. I have downloaded at least 12 free games.

Ripsta7th1900d ago

Yupp same here, i mean its only 50 dollars for one year and you get like waaaayyyyy more out of it

yellowgerbil1901d ago

looks like a troll article so it won't get my page view.
PS+ is the greatest value that has ever come to gaming. Ico this month, nuf said.

HectorSalemanca1901d ago

Has anyone read the actual article?

FamilyGuy1901d ago

It was pretty empty, mentioned nothing new and didn't eve give a new outlook/opinion on the subject.

Pretty pointless to bother reading it honestly.

NobleRed1900d ago

Sony is never cheating. They sell you a gift. It's called True Next Gen.