Here’s Why You Should Be Excited For GTA V

The release of GTA V is quickly approaching with the game having gone gold, it is likely in the process of being shipped out all over the world for it’s September 17th release date. This game is arguably one of the most anticipated games of 2013, if not this entire generation, and so you may be wondering why you should read an article telling you why you should be excited for a game that millions are already drooling over. The answer? You shouldn’t, this article isn’t really for people who have been following GTA V news like a hawk or for those expecting to see anything new here, this is for people who may not be too familiar with GTA or maybe for those who were burned by GTA IV and said “never again”*.

With that in mind, let’s begin…

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GarrusVakarian1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Massive detailed world, great characters, humour, freedom to explore, skydiving, driving a submarine, racing, JETS!, customizing cars, authentic environments, complete return to form........did i mention that its GTA!?

MysticStrummer1928d ago

Anyone not already excited for GTA5 must not like that type of game.

Spore_7771928d ago

Not intentionally, but Kojima hyped this title for me. IV didn't have the impact of San Andreas had, but I am actually looking forward to V.

GarrusVakarian1928d ago

I agree that IV was underwhelming and not to the usual standard of past GTA's but R* have listened and GTA5 seems to do everything that SA did, and more.

generic-user-name1928d ago

I agree, IV was one step forward but two steps back. V looks like it's 10 steps forward and that's not even including the online.

Grave1928d ago

They announce that it's releasing a week early on Steam. Now that would excite me.

Khajiit861928d ago

Only reason I need:
A new GTA!

KingKelloggTheWH1928d ago

I really want to check out the MP for this game