Jack Black Joins The Voice Cast Of Double Fine's Broken Age

In a new video showcasing the voice actors of Broken Age, Double Fine revealed that Jack Black (among other notable voice actors), is joining the cast as Harm'ny Lightbeard, "The lifter of clouds." The announcement of Black's inclusion was made official during Double Fine's panel at PAX.

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Snookies121564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Jack Black is legendary in his epicness lol.

deep_fried_bum_cake1564d ago

Damn right he is. These guy need to get making a Brutal Legend 2.

sAVAge_bEaST1564d ago

I am har'mony lightbeard, lifter of the clouds.

ironfist921564d ago

Woo! Hopefully if enough people buy it, then we can have a Brutal Legend 2!

mafiahajeri1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I hope I can meet here someday so I can poke her with my stick? Wtf?

r211564d ago

Awesome voice cast. Looking forward to the game.

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