5 Reasons why Assassin's creed 4 will be better than Assassin's creed 3

A lot of people are being skeptical about the new Assassin's Creed game. People are protesting that it's turning into Call of Duty, that they will boycott it because you aren't an "assassin" anymore, and that it doesn't fit the atmosphere.....

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black0o1934d ago

i'm done with AC, Watch dogs for me this year

joe901933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

AC3 was rubbish, 4 will be the same by the look of it.

will pass on Assasins of the Caribbean 4.

starchild1933d ago

I disagree. AC3 was a great game. Most reviewers gave it scores in the 8s and 9s, which represents a very good game. I think it has just become trendy to hate on Assassin's Creed.

I have loved all the games in the series and AC4 looks like it will be the best of all. Can't wait.

joe901933d ago

starchild it has nothing to do with trend, i loved 1,2 and BH. maybe its becuase i couldn't get into it without Ezio or Altair. kinda missed those guys charm instead of Connor, they really did a bad job of making me like him thats all.

Khajiit861933d ago

I loved AC3. Brotherhood is my favorite but do not see why people hate on 3 so much. I liked being able to finally climb trees because it was stupid before that. You could climb a building in 5 seconds but could not touch a tree.

Hellsvacancy1934d ago

It honestly can't be hard to top AC3, AC3 was a terrible game (except for the Naval Battles which I enjoyed)

Ill rent AC4 for the PS4 one day

ryan4611933d ago

apparently im one of the few that liked AC3. hunting in the woods, the mechanics with muskets and an axe, the tree climbing. enjoyed that. i liked the ship battles, but hope that isnt overtaking this game. i liked it as a side option.

starchild1933d ago

You're not the only one. There was a lot of new stuff in AC3 that made it more enjoyable for me.

It's just popular with a certain segment of gamers to hate on Assassin's Creed now. They are the minority in reality, but they are also the kind of people that post a lot on forums so it gives this sort of false impression. Look at the review scores for AC3. Most reviewers gave it 8s or 9s, which means that most reviewers thought it was a very good game.

I honestly think every game in the franchise has been fantastic. AC4 will probably be the best so far.

JD20131933d ago

I fail to see how this will be different from any of the other AC titles they release each year. With GTA V, Diablo III, Arkham Origins and Watch Dogs coming, I don't think this'll get a look in. Especially after the glitch filled and not impressive at all AC III.

HebrewHammer1933d ago

It's interesting that Ubisoft is releasing ACIV and Watch_Dogs so close together, too.

Caleb_H1933d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I really want both games, but my budget only allows one open world game at launch and I'm more of an AC guy. If they had spaced out the launch a little bit I'd probably get both.

Heisenburger1933d ago

I agree.

Though I'm sure their theory is that you ARE choosing between two of their games. Win-win?

I still find the choice curious, as I too am having to choose between them at first.

jimmywolf1933d ago

AC was similar up to 3, at 3 they tried pushing new ideas. with naval battle, hunting animals, also tried American revolution theme.

Thu poorly done, in my opinion they did try change things up. AC4 is focusing much more on the naval side, with exploration not just above water but also underwater.

watchdogs is focusing on one city with ability too hack an control things. both strong themes an different enough they can stand side by side.

starchild1933d ago

I don't understand how some of you can say this. Assassin's Creed actually changes more from game to game than most franchises.

I look at games in my collection like Uncharted and God of War, and those franchises don't really change that much from game to game. Uncharted 3 plays pretty much the same as Uncharted Drake's Fortune, for example. The changes are few and not very significant.

Assassin's Creed, on the other hand, has a wide variety of gameplay mechanics and the changes between games can be quite dramatic. I mean, you'll be controlling Leonardo's tank and taking out cannons and other tanks one moment then flying over the city in a flying machine in another.

Everything from tower-defense-like mechanics to naval warfare can be found in the Assassin's Creed games, but every type of gameplay isn't found in every game in the series.

Far from being a rehashed series, Assassin's Creed actually offers some of the best variety of gameplay and the most significant changes between games of any franchise in gaming.

jackanderson19851933d ago

the reason for me it'll be better above everything else is because on next gen (hopefully) there'll be no more insane load screens

Red_Devilz1933d ago

Anything they make would be better than AC3. AC3 was SO F*king bad that you can't use it to compare any good game in the series

If you want to comment how good AC4 will be, use AC2 as your scale.

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