Dragon's Crown Review I Play Legit

"Dragon’s Crown is a side-scrolling fantasy beat-em-up. Four players can toss magic and weapons at goons." -Play Legit

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TongkatAli1929d ago

This and Last Of Us are the best games of the year so far to me. If you liked Altered Beast, Double Dragon and Golden Axe, then the game you have waited so long for is finally here.

fsfsxii1929d ago

I'm not sure if i should put ToX into this list.
But damn, its been treating me good, i mean, the sole reason i had no interest in any Tales of games after Tales of Graces was the anime cliche "I have to save everyone"
And it was too kiddish.
But ToX is a blast so far. Its just too bad i had to get it by the first day of school, when everything seems so bland and depressing.

bacrec11929d ago

It really is all those rolled into one.

clearelite1929d ago

My Vita is on the way and I can't wait to play this on there.

Grimhammer001929d ago

I platted this game in 174hrs! Never left my console!

It really is best gaming I've had on ps3 in 2013! Maybe just behind TLoU.