‘Halo 5′ confirmed as new title, coming in 2014

StickSkills writes, "When Microsoft unveiled a brand new Halo title at E3 this year, the game was simply known as “Halo”. The common thought has been that the game would be called Halo 5, but we heard rumblings that it wouldn’t and 343 Industries seemed to be rather mum regarding the name."

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Az1mov1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

That's a shocker what a surprise! they better deepen the story this time

CrossingEden1848d ago

The story was deepened in Halo 4, 343 had amazing writers compared to Bungie.

abzdine1848d ago

i think they're desperate to show their biggest franchise already and still be beaten by pre-orders numbers in the states.

imagine if Sony already showed Unchartes The Last of Us God of War GT?

Bigpappy1848d ago

@abzdine: Sony's pre-order lead is due ONLY to policy and the perception that it is more powerful. Has nothing to do with their lackluster launch line-up.

I would seriously advise not raising your hopes up too high based on pre-orders from VGChartz. They may not be accurate and,if they are, they are only a small part of predicting final sales numbers.

GameNameFame1848d ago

Is that why they scored 80s on meta?

Let's face it, compared to Bungie, they are no where there.

Bungie scored 90s always on their game. 343 seems to be scoring 80s.

Bob5701848d ago

As a fan of Halo for over 10 years, I'm going to have to disagree. IMO the story in Halo 4 was trash. The story should have ended at Halo 3, this ridiculous Forerunner conflict feels so forced it's not even funny, they will never be able to make this story as compelling as the Human/Covenant war was if you had read the books.

Ritsujun1848d ago

Look at that CE 343 fangirl.

Hooby1848d ago

they deepened in then hid it in the terminals which were not even "in" the game, and they were difficult to find even when you went to the separate app that had them.


negative1847d ago

Halo 5 on Xbox One??


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Bigpappy1848d ago

I find that lots of people, from other console, really can not understand who Master Chief is and what he means to millions of gamers. Halo is one badass Mofo. He is a hero in every since of the word.

When you master chief is coming, you are praying to the gods he is on your side. If you happen to appose him you want to have your best shyt ready, because when he gets there you are going to need it all, and all is still not going to be enough.

If you are only in to sports, then imagine you are play basket ball and your team is down 20 points at the end of the 3rd. Then Michael Jordan from 20 years ago shows up to play for your team. That's Master Chief (The Michael Jordan of war).

die_fiend1848d ago

is embarrassingly over the top

Ritsujun1847d ago

Halo fansissies are disgusting.

Jazz41081848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Does anyone on here not realize mostly the entire halo bungie main players all work for ms at 343? I have seen some sony lists but everyones forgetting the ps4 big seller OctoDad. Wow.

Bob5701848d ago

No they don't. A few people from Bungie went to 343 but not very many.

Bigpappy1848d ago

The leader of the team was a major player in creating Halo. He love this franchise.

saywat2471848d ago

microsoft and xbox fucking sucks how much longer are they gonna stretch this goddamn fucking series we dont want another fucking halo!!!!!!!

IcicleTrepan1848d ago

What number is killzone on now? :P

saywat2471848d ago

you little nutcase fanboys dont wanna hear the truth. if u guys are fine with the same freaking games over and over so be it. get suck with endless sequels of the same freaking franchise over and over. im just saying real shit. you guys keep this up and you'll never get new ip's just make shit easier for microshit. and for you @icicletrepan killzone is now where near streatched as halo is. how long are they gonna continue to milk halo huh huh???????????

bganci1847d ago

I wish it would be a three year cycle instead of two. Either way it's exciting.

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Foxgod1848d ago

This game will be epic, especially considering it will be 1080p and 60fps.
I wonder how many shooters will pull this off this gen.

Hopefully it will be a norm a few years down the line, but it may be possible that only a select few shooters will achieve it.

iamnsuperman1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Right how do you know others will not? How do you know Halo will? My point is you don't know from this trailer so don't shoot other shooters just yet without seeing them or this. (FYI I am not saying this wont)


On topic I am a little disappointed the new trailer isn't new footage of sorts but it is nice to see it will be called Halo 5

Foxgod1848d ago

MS and 343 confirmed it will be 1080p and 60 fps

ziggurcat1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

@ foxgod:

MS has "confirmed" a lot of things, but most of it hasn't turned out to be true.

edit: until we all see actual gameplay footage, rather than a cinematic, you can't go by the word of MS or 343.

QuantumWake1848d ago


343 at Halo Global Championship confirmed again that Halo for Xbox One will have dedicated servers and 60 FPS.

abzdine1848d ago

that's the problem with xbox fanboys, they believe everything they hear :D

BlackBeardGames1847d ago

@abdzine And your acting like the " sony fanboys" dont suckle every bit of nut from sony they hear? People just need to quit the goddamn console war faggotry. Both consoles need each other. What if you had only sony with a high end game console out. They would do whatever they wanted because no matter what people would buy it because there would be no competition. Contrary to popular beleif sony doesnt love you it loves your money just like microsoft.

And I ecluded nintendo because they arent a console super power like sony and microsoft. They need to stick to handhelds.

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ziggurcat1848d ago

"This game will be epic, especially considering it will be 1080p and 60fps."

so far there's not a single game on xbone that is 1080p @ 60fps, so... keep dreaming.

CalamityCB1848d ago

Halo was confirmed as 60fps at E3 2013.

Foxgod1848d ago

Actually, that goes for the ps4.
The X1 actually has games coming in full hd 1080p (forza and halo confirmed).

No_Limit1848d ago

Yes, Halo 5! Next year will be big for XB1.

Project Spark
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Black Tusk Studios new Ips
Team Osaka new JRPG

And more shall be reveal at E3 next year.

thetruthx11848d ago

Forza says hello, Killer Instinct says what's up?

1848d ago
otherZinc1847d ago


No, you mean there are ZERO games on the PS4 that are 1080p "native" @60fps! Even Knack isn't 1080p "native" @ 60fps, and it's made by Marc Cerny.

Forza 5 is confirmed to be 1080p "native" @ 60fps!

raytraceme1847d ago

hey xtards killzone is 1080p 60fps in ALL of MP while the sp is 1080p 30fps. KI is 720p now lol. Knack is full 1080p as are ALL (except bf4?) of ps4's games. Have u seen RESOGUN 400,000 freaking voxels at 1080p60fps (DROOOOOOOL)!!!!!

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ALLWRONG1848d ago

iamnsuperman and ziggurcat you should have just walked away, now you look like fools.

die_fiend1848d ago

1080p @ 60fps isn't necessarily a good thing. I remember seeing Halo 3 on 360 and the graphics were terrible. And they only noticeably improved when 343 got involved. Hopefully they can't pull it off and also increase the scale big time.

I am hoping for incredible graphics but Microsoft Studios...have they ever really made a stunning looking game?

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Transporter471848d ago

What happen to rebooting the franchise as just Halo?

BABY-JEDI1848d ago

It will be really interesting to see how the gameplay develops in Halo 5, hopefully, it will look more realistic.

LAWSON721848d ago

Probably considering 343 has no clue when it comes to Halo, because the first 3 were arena shooters while Halo 4 was a want a be cod.

1848d ago
HammadTheBeast1848d ago

F*** that tbh.

Making Halo realistic is what's killing it. Halo is meant to be surreal arcade fun. Massive jumps, rockets, banshees, and one m-fer of a pistol is what made Halo 1-3 amazing.

1848d ago
BABY-JEDI1848d ago

What's wrong with an environment, characters, weapons feeling real? Halo is a great story & epic character, but it would be great if he was grounded in a more real universe IMO

kewlkat0071848d ago

I actually agree..its a SciFi shooter not a battlefield or cod art direction..