PlayStation 3 & PS Vita New Releases: September 1st – 7th: Diablo III, Rayman Legends

"Is it just me, or do things seem a little more evil this week?" - PSLS

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fsfsxii1814d ago

Rayman legends. I soooo want this game, Origins blew me away. Hell, Legends was a must buy for me when i spent one hour playing Origins.

knifefight1814d ago

Whoa, Killzone Mercenary is already upon us?

Man, I hope we finally get a good FPS for Vita. The other games have proven that it's possible, but neither really rose up and stood out as awesome. (Or in the case of Declassified...ugh, that was just terrible.)

N4GCB1814d ago

The beta is nice, need's some improvements here and there but at least it isn't horrible like COD Declassified

pivotplease1814d ago

It looks great and previews are positive. I hope both the vita and ps4 games nail it and turn out amazing.

yeahokchief1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

No more spending for me until next year. Already got too much. 30 games in my backlog, PS4 preordered and GTA in 2 weeks. Will eventually pick up KZ Mercenary when it goes on sale. Should be good.