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Why I’m Ready to Give Up on Nintendo – Reader’s Feature

Metro: ''A reader complains of the agonies of being a Nintendo fan since the release of the Wii U, and worries about the future of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.'' (Nintendo, Wii U)

Reeze  +   600d ago
Don't stop! Believin'!

No? Too soon?
LOL_WUT  +   600d ago
"Nintendo rushed out the Wii U to beat Sony and Microsoft to market. But the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are bearing down on the Wii U, and Nintendo has to deal with the fact that their new console is a near flop."

Totally agree with this. Nintendo should've had some of it's big hitters closer to the Wii U's launch not a year plus later. They should've thought this through. ;)
awesomeabe1998  +   600d ago
LOL WAT?! See what i did there.

I think what they did had its ups and downs. Yes launch was not so good but they got a 3.5 million headstart. Its actually pretty good that they have all the heavy hitters this holiday season when it matters most. Now it is not only Wii U, but PS4 and XB1. I still agree with Reggie. Wii U has a better Lineup this holiday season. Most games like Infamous wont come till 2014 and most PS4 games are coming to PS3.
RTheRebel  +   600d ago
Yep PS4 no games I care about until 2014, I'm only waiting for Infamous And Destiny.
na-no-nai  +   600d ago
I disagreed because maybe Nintendo thought they had 3rd parties backing them up like for instances EA before some behind the scene major event happened. Or rayman exclusive game that got delayed. Maybe they thought 3rd parties were serious about supporting them. And also for the fact, 3rd parties always complaining about completing with 1st games.

I don't mind the wii u gaps of no games, it allowed me to platy catch up on past games like pandora tower, etc or play 3ds games.

Honestly who have money for every games
bullymangLer  +   600d ago
lol . .the only reason Nintendo rushed out the wiiU is because they wanted DIBBS on the new gaming tech they introduced with the wiiU. To always be remembered as the FIRST once who brought it << . . and they did

look at sony now . .they cant stop sniffing nintendos kingdom <

truth hurts huh

lol and you thought it had to do with saLes .

p.s. . give up on Nintendo, then u give up on TRUE gaming . .< fact (;
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reploidmega  +   600d ago
I didn't even bother reading.
The media these days is already chock-full of people looking for any excuse under the sun to say Nintendo is dying.
The last thing I need to see is yet another "disillusioned" former fan say that he's tired of how Nintendo is doing things.
Heck, just look around the comment sections of N4G and you'll see a cornucopia of people who are basically parroting every hater phrase under the sun at Nintendo right now.
I'll just wait until it's into the middle of 2014.
If it hasn't made a come-back by the middle of next year, THEN, I'll worry.
But as it stands now?
It's only showing some of the same issues that the Wii initially struggled with, and that took off like a ROCKET not long after that first year of struggling.
mpnothanks  +   600d ago
I absolutely agree. I understand that if you're a writer or journalist or whatever that you have to write about something, but hating on Wii U is just done to death now. They said the games are coming, people need to chill the F out. No patience these days. Jesus.
ritsuka666  +   600d ago
being a Nintendo fan since the release of the Wii U, and worries about the future of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.'

Ok then, bye.
erikthegman  +   600d ago
I've only bought one wii u game thus far. Make the wii u RPG heaven and you'll get my money.
alphaomega88  +   600d ago
I am just really unsure as to what all these 'supposed' Nintendo fans want...they want mario, metroid, zelda, donkey kong, and Nintendo will deliver, and they will whine of rehash. They want new IP's, and when they get them they will whine about how they aren't FPS, or how its only one or two, or how there is better stuff on Sony or Microsoft.

Look, if you are that disappointed, play somewhere else. I will continue to support Nintendo. Why? Firstly, bc the Wii U is my favorite system yet, hands down. Secondly, bc Nintendo is a consumer friendly company doing business morally for the most part. Not laying off for short term gain, not charging for online, not even talking about used game fees, backwards compatibility with my hard earned money, etc.

And for the record, there launch was fantastic. It was between launch and now that has been bad. And who really expected it to be good? The system got no games! If you didn't pick one up at launch, you likely weren't getting one cause you weren't interested in the GAMES! Talk about a mountain out of a molehill.

Also, while PS4 and Xbox One may SEEM like the next biggest thing, seriously, these are game forums. Of course they are gonna seem huge before launch. "Wii U is like Wii version 1.1"...his opinion, but what exactly are the other 2?? They aren't offering anything more than their predecessors compared to the Wii U.

So my question is: Will this nonsensical hate and doom ever stop?
TripC50  +   600d ago
Every single generation Nintendo releases arguably some of the best video games ever made until that point in time. They have not failed in that category. Until that happens I will not give up on them.
na-no-nai  +   600d ago
Rarely their games make you frustrated and well some of the best co op games lately. Had a blast playing mario bros wii u. Four players madness lol.

I wouldn't give up either and I usually entertain myself with other games sometime non nintendo platform. Nowadays most people have more than one console
Fanboyssuck27  +   600d ago
Why u should give up on gaming and your opinions are ridiculous. That should be the name of this article.
U need a new hobby, try knitting or something as clearly gaming isn't for u.

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