BreakQuest: Extra Evolution: PS Vita Game Review and Giveaway-A Darker Image

BreakQuest is back and is twice the fun! Stunning visuals and shapes, energizing physics and exciting sounds! Enjoy 100 completely redesigned action-packed levels, each featuring own colorful design, elements behavior and visual effects. BreakQuest: Extra Evolution is an enhanced and improved version of original BreakQuest, one of the best break-out games of all times, created by Nurium games. In addition to the energizing gameplay of its predecessor, the game boasts a superior physics concept, new art style and cool sound. Breaking bricks has never been so fun!

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xxPillsxx1906d ago

The reviewer must be rich

3-4-51906d ago

This game looks terrible, how can you even tell what is going on with this art style ?

adarker1906d ago

If you like indie or more casual games then this one is great. I stand by my score. I really enjoyed this game.

punkandlizard1906d ago

we gave a good score as well, not as high but for a free Vita game this is a great one.