Dying Light Hands On From PAX Prime 2013 at Skwewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a hands on report on Dying Light from their meetings at PAX Prime 2013. They loved the detail level, action, and speed of the game and said it really stood out.

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Eonjay1905d ago

Saw the trailer. This looks very intense.

Garethvk1905d ago

It is. My wife is not a horror fan but does watch The Walking Dead. During my playtest, she could not watch it as it was so intense she was watching the footage on a big screen. Once she got used to it she did film my second test as that was allowed but not during the main one.

Duddy1011905d ago

Game looks beautiful and terrifying.

Garethvk1905d ago

I wish I could have got video of when I cleaved the one in two with a two handed axe.

Belking1905d ago

Another xbx-one title that is a must have for me.

tracyllrkn1905d ago

Hmmm... Not sure if serious.