Nintendo Should Offer A GamePad-Less Wii U

GR: This past week brought with it some surprising Nintendo news. First, the announcement of a stripped-down, budget-friendly version of the 3DS called the 2DS, and second, a $50 price drop for the deluxe model of the Wii U. With the tablet-centric console set to be a full $100 below the PlayStation 4, Nintendo's HD system is in a relatively good place going into the holiday season. But I'd argue it could be much better, as offering a GamePad-less Wii U SKU would be able to drive the price of the console down even further, hitting that desirable $250 sweet spot.

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NYC_Gamer1930d ago

That wouldn't make since because Nintendo promotes the game pad as one of the Wii U selling points that offers unique features

acharlez1930d ago

Didn't they do that initially with 3D functionality in the 3DS too?

NYC_Gamer1930d ago

Nintendo announced 2DS due to feedback of children having certain health issues from playing too much 3DS

acharlez1930d ago

AND to introduce and even cheaper handheld device to recoup losses on Wii U hardware.

AND to offer a hingeless solution so kids don't break it.

AND because 3D isn't required to play any of the games.

AND because most gamers don't bother using the feature anyway.

user55757081930d ago

well no 3d def drove the price down so its def for people who don't really care about 3d and want a cheaper solution

and yes of course because there was an age range that they couldn't reach with 3d

N4g_null1929d ago

Depending on the screen size it could lower the gamepad price.

AWBrawler1929d ago

System would be broken. Miiverse depends on the gamepad

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meganick1930d ago

Agreed. Also, certain games require the Gamepad like Nintendoland and Game & Wario, and maybe others. I think selling a Wii U without a Gamepad would just piss off unsuspecting gamers who may buy games that require it only to find out they now need to buy a Gamepad separately.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1930d ago

It would make it cheaper BUT-

Nintendo maintains that the GamePad is at the heart of the WiiU's creation.
If they sold it without the Gamepad they would have an even harder time conveying their vision/message.

Using the 2DS and the 3DS has already been done with WiiU's Monster Hunter.
But I would like to see more of it.

Maybe it is time for a new LoZ: 4 Swords.

acharlez1930d ago

They may "maintain" that the GamePad is an integral part of the Wii U experience, but the games they have launched (and the ones on the horizon) beg to differ.

acharlez1930d ago

Heck, even look at what's to come on the Wii U.

Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, and Super Smash Bros. won't make use of the GamePad in any interesting ways.

Bayonetta 2 definitely doesn't.

I highly doubt Monolith's X will either.

awesomeabe19981930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Actually SM3DW does use the Gamepad to reveal hidden coins and platforms. WWHD uses the Gamepad for inventory. Bayonetta 2 will use it maybe also as an inventory. Monolith's X will definetely use it. Maybe for inventory and the Mech features.
Oh ya and using the Gamepad for Off-TV play is awesome!

acharlez1930d ago

Operative word there being "interesting."

Of course all of the games will make use of it. I've played Wind Waker HD and 3D World, and using the GamePad's features didn't enhance the experiences in any memorable or interesting ways.

It'll be shoehorned in there, but it is totally vestigial.

awesomeabe19981930d ago


Inventory shown on the GamePad is both interesting and usefull. I play ZombiU (great game!) and the inventory really makes the game funner and fast paced. WWHD even though i never played a Zelda game (Im looking forward to start with Zelda U!) sounds much easier with the inventory being there. I would love to try to seek out all the hidden coins in SM3DW.

A lot of people mislook this: Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Watch Dogs make/will make the game better on Wii U. You control the drone and also use the gamepad as inventory in Blacklist. In Watch Dogs, you can use the GamePad as the PDA Aiden uses in the game.

reploidmega1930d ago

You haven't looked at anything regarding Bayonetta 2, then.
There's a mode in Bay 2 that lets you play entirely using the touch pad and stylus to do combat.
Sure, most core gamers won't use that mode, but think about the potential that has for the faction of physically disabled gamers out there that don't have full use of one of their arms or hands...
SMW3DW is using it to reveal hidden things, Wind Waker uses it to streamline menus, which is useful even if it isn't "interesting", and Mario Kart 8 and Smash, not to mention X, are likely to at least get seamless, useful off-TV play due to the pad, barring any announcements Nintendo hasn't made regarding them.
You're putting the Mario Kart before the horse.

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yewles11930d ago

I saw this kind of thinking coming...

Yep1930d ago

So I guess we're not holding back on thoughts, huh?

Next article: Nintendo should sell the Wii U for free and price games at $70

1930d ago
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