Gran Master Kazunori Yamauchi

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi is, as you might expect, a geek. Not a gaming geek, though. A car geek.

"For me, it's always been cars first and gaming second," says Kazunori, fresh from putting the finishing touches to GT5 Prologue, the latest instalment in the Gran Turismo franchise. "Give me the choice between a day on the track and a day on the Playstation, and it's the track day every time."

Correct choice, Kazunori-san. That's no idle assertion to pacify Top Gear, either - Kazunori is renowned as a seriously quick track driver, and he admits slightly sheepishly that his garage back home in Japan includes a Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z, Porsche GT3 and a Mitsubishi Evo V. Oh, and a Merc SL55 AMG. A pretty full collection, then? Apparently not.

"I'm not even close to owning all the cars I'd like to," says Kazunori. "My dream garage would have to include... well, a Ferrari 330 P4, a McLaren F1 and the new Nissan GT-R."

Ah yes, the GT-R. Nissan's Skyline (OK, it's not called the Skyline any more, but Kazunori repeatedly refers to the GT-R by its old name) has been intimately intertwined with the GT franchise over the past 10 years - in fact, 48 different Skylines have appeared in the various iterations of the game.

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Lord Anubis3894d ago

"As an example, the amount of effort and information required to create a whole car in GT4 is equivalent to one headlight in GT5 Prologue," says Kazunori. "We've modelled the bulb, the lens, the reflection, everything. We got headlights shipped from the manufacturer and dismantled them."

that is love

Breakfast3894d ago

I wonder how many boxes of headlights they had in there studio.

SonySoldiers3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

It's made in Japan, so its poor quality.. ain't it?

How much space does GT require? 1GB? 3GB?..

DMC 4 : 4.7GB 20-minute install
Oblivion : 4.6GB
Heavenly Sword : 2GB
Hot Shot Golf : 5GB 5-minute install
Skate : 2.5GB

Think i must upgrade my Hardisk, my games take so much spaces... we have the champ Blu-Ray, but why would we need to install games if we have BR????...because of THAT lousy 256MB VRAM????

GO USA!!!...GO USA!!...Go Microsoft!

deeznuts3894d ago

"I wonder how many boxes of headlights they had in there studio."

More than a strip club in NY.


tweaker3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

That's true dedication. I wonder how all these modeled parts will look like when the game gets damage physics.

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sonarus3894d ago

"Manufacturers are now coming to us, asking us to add their cars to the game, so we're seeing less resistance to in-game damage from the manufacturers," he answers diplomatically. He hesitates. "I'm still not sure they'll be too keen on seeing their cars roll over, though."

I want those cars to roll over though:( they should have 3 different damage levels just like they have for driving physics. One with no damage at all one with damage that is functional and aesthetic with dents and all paint scratches and all that. And one that is terrbily realistic where one wrong move could end your race.

Breakfast3894d ago

"one wrong move could end your race."

Thatd be dope. That would give the racing genre a good kick in the ass.

Lord Anubis3894d ago

I remember back on the PS1 GT 1 era I wanted the cars to flip so i would always get the cars airborne on the speed ring but they would never roll over even though i tried several times. I was young and innocent back then. :P

Breakfast3894d ago

@ Anubis

LOL....I did the exact same

I might try again right still young and innocent

Cyrus3653894d ago

I'm interested to see how or what his damage model will look like, will he go with the ultra realistic approach or something else.

kingOVsticks3894d ago

now you see thats what i like to hear. If you make fighting games better know the difference between judo and jujitsu, if your making sports games better know what a red flag means or how many yards the team who made penalty get called back,if you make FPS games you better know the difference between a glock 40 and a 44 magnum, if your making a horror game you better know what the hell fear is. All i'm saying is love the games but love what you want the game to be more. Good man

PimpHandHappy3894d ago

this is my sort of guy

i have his game on reserve just because he is such a car geek


TopGear is cool

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