The Mario Kart Wii ghost glitch in action

Online play in Mario Kart Wii is smooth. Only a tiny bit of lag effects twelve player races. However, the world ranking system has issues. A glitch allows players to drive a single lap then wait by the finish line while sitting in reverse. Glancing through the rankings, it looks like Nintendo is actively removing these times off the leaderboards, but you can see the glitch in the video below.

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KeiZka3894d ago

...Well, that's quite LAME, to begin with. I saw none of them even try drifting...

Iamback3894d ago

same crap over and over again. Do yourself a favor, go buy last cart game for game cube, trust me you will save yourself 60 bucks.

ChickeyCantor3894d ago

I have that game too and im glad i have Mario kart Wii, its BETTER.

KeiZka3894d ago

Oh yes, let's see what we lack in DD: The online component. While it's there, it's not usable by any standards.

Bikes. 'Nuff said.

Wide variety of old and new. Beat that.

Did I mention that online?

jojo693894d ago

disc that "wont boot " because they are double layer and dirty, ps1 that need to be placed upside down to play because of disc lens, ps2 that lens go out(big box version) and microsoft is pounded because of the red rings of death, it is an american company, it that why it cannot get away with things.

nintendo knew that it has a dvd problem, and now sloppy programming to rush to market, lets see what is the next excuse.

ChickeyCantor3894d ago

Debugging isnt that easy, i dont really think they thought: "HEY LETS TURN AROUND AFTER WE CROSSED THE FINISH LINE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS"

Maybe it is a rush job but even then, debugging isnt easy.

darando3894d ago

sidar is right, if you tested the game would you of turned round at the finish line ffs

ChickeyCantor3894d ago

Nobuo with that donky kong character is damn good !! i hate her =(