Dragon Age III: Inquisition Impresses at PAX | GamerBlorge

Bioware recently showed off some gameplay of the upcoming Dragon Age III: Inquisition and the game does look quite impressive. After the somewhat lackluster second game, Bioware is back at it again with a much more refined experience.

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Bigpappy1935d ago

Looks like 2014 could be one of the best years, in the history of gaming, for gamers. From shooter to driving, action and RPG games, developers look to be stepping up their delivery. The offerings of sequels and new IP's all look to be more enticing than ever.

thekhurg1935d ago

I know the videos shown so far impressed the hell out of me. Ever since Bioware got swallowed up by EA they've been sinking - but it looks like EA is finally allowing them to create something ambitious.

greatcrusader441935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

They're actually giving Bioware proper time to make this game. They only gave bioware half the requested extra 6 months they wanted to work on ME3, and DA2 was out like 15 months after DAO.

By the time DA3 comes out, it'll have had 3 1/2 yr development. Last titles to have dev times that long (a bit longer) were ME1 and DAO and a lot of the time was put into world building, making the universe. Plus DA3 has some of the ME team helping out, like Patrick Weekes, IMO the best ME writer.

If it wasn't obvious, I have High hopes for Dragon Age Inquisition.

ApolloTheBoss1935d ago

It's gonna good that's for sure but it's gonna hard to top 2011. That was the best year in gaming in my opinion.

Murad1934d ago

Hell ya, I'm looking forward to it. Personally, I'm still looking forward to playing TLOU and Infinite and PP and so many other titles.

Roccetarius1934d ago

I'm still not sold on this game. The gameplay wasn't anything to write home about, so i'll just watch it being streamed.