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Playstation 4 With Launch Day Delivery In Stock, No Money Down

Amazon will get this to your doorstep on launch day, and depending on your state you may not have to pay tax, which is significant on a $460 item. You can be playing Shadowfall while your friends are waiting in a line at Gamestop in November. (Amazon.com, PS4)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   513d ago
Go forth and preorder, holdouts!
Eonjay  +   513d ago | Interesting
its already #1 Bestseller and its only be available for about 12 hours.
Quicktopick  +   513d ago
Oh snap!
abzdine  +   513d ago
Sony announced thay their factories are running full speed to satisfy the demand.
Greatness awaits
MS is about to get pimped smacked in EU.


USA to I hope.
minimur12  +   513d ago
Dang, I thought it was UK :(

I'm gonna wait untill those bundles show up. I'll pre order those :p
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scott182  +   513d ago
Not sure if anyone notice but the Eye camera has been a top 100 for over 50 days.... plenty of people want it.
dmeador  +   513d ago

That makes a lot more sense than factory running at half speed (rolls eyes)
gta2800  +   513d ago
If I place an order on this will it charge right away or will it charge after the console ships? Someone please let me know. And this thing only wants to give me two day shipping if I sign up for their Amazon prime.
Eonjay  +   513d ago
It wont charge until it ships on 11/15/13
rainslacker  +   513d ago

they actually send it a couple days early so it will arrive on launch day, so it would charge a few days before. One could hope that it arrives a day early too...had that happen with a couple games from now and again.
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ZodTheRipper  +   512d ago
I still don't understand people who are going to midnight-releases at Gamestop for example. Why not preorder at Amazon and let someone bring you the console on launch day?
I wouldn't want to go to work after not sleeping the whole night.
andibandit  +   512d ago
Cause im robbing the mail van on that day moohahaha
PurpHerbison  +   513d ago
... I refuse to order one... ATM... Still much to be played on my PS3/PC and all a PS4 is going to do is tempt me to not finish what I started on current gen.
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Hicken  +   513d ago
What harm is there in ordering one, though? Costs you nothing, and it's not like it'll stop you from playing any of those games if you get one, will it?
PurpHerbison  +   513d ago
I give in to temptation and as of late I have been doing an excellent job not doing so. Should at least commend me for that bro.
Swiggins  +   513d ago
I'm in the same boat as you man...I want one, I want one badly. But there's still too many current gen games that need playing, so I've decided to wait for either a price drop, or a sweet bundle to come along.

It's taking almost all of my willpower D=
davidj88  +   513d ago
Agreed Purp and Swiggins, i am very tempted to order one and to be honest if GTA V wasn't coming out i probably would have by now. When i'm done with enjoying GTA is when i'll order my PS4 and with it about 5 or 6 games to play, i'm deliberately not planning to buy anymore PS3 games so that i can enjoy games like Watch_Dogs, Assassins Creed: Black Flag and others on the PS4.

It's hard to stave off the temptation and what makes it worse is knowing people who will be getting it on day one, i'll probably get mine in January unless GTA V gets boring before then which from what i've seen i very much doubt.
dredgewalker  +   513d ago
I'll eventually get one too, it's gonna kill my wallet having to buy many games on different consoles. The PS4 isn't gonna disappear and I usually purchase a new console after 1 year since there'll be a lot of games after that time span. Although I have a feeling my brother will get one when it gets released so I won't be missing out unless he hogs the unit all to himself.
ZodTheRipper  +   512d ago
I've had enough of this-gen games so I'm happy that my brother will take over my backlog :D
I've played so many games thanks to PS+ that most of the unfinished ones feel like I've played them already. I have no problem with leaving stuff like Kingdom of Amalur, Red Faction: Armageddon or even God Of War Ascensions campaign behind and I'm really looking forward to my PS4 =)
TheKingWilliamV  +   513d ago
*sneaks away to pre-order* what chef dont judge :-)
3-4-5  +   513d ago
What were the past 1st year console sale numbers ?

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft

I'm just wondering and wanting to compare and see what the potential numbers could be.

so many new things to factor in this time from the last gen launch though.
Crazyglues  +   513d ago

XboxOne..... R.I.P

-It Looks like Sony just keeps putting nails in your coffin....

||.........___||............ ||
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Jack of Death  +   513d ago
You're such a loser. Why would you want to get raped by one company? Competition is good. It leads to so many things like lower prices and better games.
jairusmonillas  +   513d ago
@Jack of Death

I guess you weren't a gamer yet when PS1 and PS2 dominated.
ZodTheRipper  +   512d ago
lol competition is great but Microsoft sucks, that's just how people see it.
Nintendo needs to come back imo, they at least have lots of quality franchises and don't try to f*** over their customers.
sentury111  +   513d ago
I've got mine preordered already, but now I have two. Didn't want the extra controller, oh well. Great. Now I can sell two systems to people who want it but didn't preorder.

Hoping they are sold out everywhere and the price gets above $800 to make it worth my time.
dj3boud  +   513d ago
as soon as i saw the this news last night i pre-ordered. wanted the watch dogs bundle but was out of stock long ago. i guess it will be my first digital game download on my spanking new ps4. cant wait.
JustPlay4  +   513d ago
It sold out already, I missed my chance
Playstaion  +   513d ago
Good to know but have pre-ordered first week but there going to sell like instead of hot cakes , there going to sell more like & faster than Ps2's here we go come on Sony I'am getting exited what's the date today can't wait .
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JsonHenry  +   513d ago
I was spamming the refresh key on my browser during the Sony event a while back so I could ensure my pre-order was a day one.
HectorSalamanca  +   513d ago
Better get on it people! Cancel the standard edition if you ordered it and order this one if you want it on launch day! I'm sure it won't last long.
Sev  +   513d ago
Here. This'll make it easier for people to make sure they don't miss out on the PS4.

ICECREAM  +   513d ago
I will not miss it, this time around.
Freedomland  +   512d ago
You are going on the right track, according to your avatar you already have lot of sweetness but again everybody needs some extra.
Enemy  +   513d ago
This'll sell out in a few hours.
Tatsuya  +   513d ago
andd it's sold out!

Greatness Awaits :D
DeadManIV  +   513d ago
I wish i had $400
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   513d ago
save! save! You've got 2 months man!! No money til it ships...
ApolloTheBoss  +   513d ago
Holy sh*t, only two months left?! Time flies, man!
LOGICWINS  +   513d ago
Erm...the PS4 will be around for several years past November 2013. He has a little more than 2 months to save up lol.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   513d ago
logicwins? Ironic...
abzdine  +   513d ago
they dont take the money before they ship it at amazon
luisvideogames  +   513d ago
Ooh after tax it is 500 USD. Should I wait for the normal one without the controller, is this literally my last chance?
AceBlazer13  +   513d ago
Probably.Get on it now dude.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   513d ago
I'd say yes this is probably a last chance bro. You have to pay tax?? Mine is $399.99 total, no shipping fee.
Dropdeadll  +   513d ago
399$? But the DS4 bundle is the only one available for pre order and thats 460$
Destrania  +   513d ago
The original pre-order is the PS4 with a controller for $399.
SpinalRemains138  +   512d ago
I know the first launch edition, just the console, on Amazon with 2 day shipping = $443.13
HectorSalamanca  +   513d ago
I wouldn't gamble waiting on it. This is probably your last chance. I got a launch day ps4 and I'm considering buying this one too and making some money on it. This that so wrong?
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PurpHerbison  +   513d ago
JessiePinkmanYo  +   513d ago
I don't like Gus either, lol. Hector is right-Anyone who remembers how hard it was last gen to find a 360 or Wii will concur-Preorder or be s.o.l. come launch. Prices on fleabay for scalped systems are pricey, plus its fleabay! Do you really want to entrust so much money on there?
luisvideogames  +   513d ago
Alright thanks everybody I've pre-ordered and will start saving my dollars, for this next-gen beast. :)
Freedomland  +   512d ago
Congratulations, good for you mate.
WeAreLegion  +   513d ago
What tax? It's Amazon.
erick21093  +   513d ago
I live in California, and If memory serves me right it's the highest tax paying state in the nation. So amazon is charging me over 50 bucks in tax alone for everything I'm getting. (PS4 KZ LAUNCH BUNDLE, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4)

I know, it sucks but even online tax must be payed.
dohdeaux  +   513d ago
I live in Houston and Amazon was required to start paying taxes so now customers have to too. I think it was because retailers were losing business and and complained to government so they were forced to start taxing. Launch day for me taxed.

WeAreLegion  +   513d ago
Thanks for the info, guys.

I'm in Illinois. Our taxes are disproportional, as it is. I'm glad I don't have to pay Amazon taxes...yet. :/
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   513d ago
Man Sony has to really be pumping these systems out if they keep handing out more pre-orders on a consistent basis.
Quicktopick  +   513d ago
U gotta hand it to them ninja's working so hard
Eonjay  +   513d ago
I went to may local Walmart last night and they were sold out. They implied that they would only be able to fulfill preorders at launch. You might want to jump on this.
SIGNALS  +   513d ago
Spread the news, before it is too late for your friends.
I just pre-ordered. Sony is not giving any excuse, not to pre-order.
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JunioRS101  +   513d ago

christrules0041  +   513d ago
Don't get me wrong I have a PS4 pre ordered with the collectors edition of Watch Dogs and the collectors edition of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag all already paid off but I doubt there will be a shortage of Dual Shock 4 controllers at launch. Also the controller costs $60 and the PS4 costs $400 and the bundle costs $460. Ok I added a penny but here in Canada they are phasing pennies out. =P But either way this doesn't really add value.

There is also the fact that the PS4 can charge the Dual Shock 4 controller when it's in its sleep mode so why do people really need a second controller?

Unless your planning on co-op I could see that but they added $60 onto the bundle so if you already have a bundle for day 1 just pre order a second controller.

If you have the standard edition pre ordered this could be good seeing how the other bundles are sold out but for the others I don't get why this is so exciting.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   513d ago
It's Amazon's way to make more money on people for buying at launch. They're looking at their bottom line, is it a deal? Nope. but if you want it, people will accept that they're at least getting the full value.
cokzilla23  +   513d ago
i was actually gonna hold out until a couple months after the ps4 was released just to be on the safe side but this offer was too good to pass up. NO tax, not having to pay until it ships, and getting the ps4 on day one is an awesome deal. Come onnnnn Nov 15th!!!!!
TheFutureIsBlue  +   513d ago
I told myself that earlier this year before E3. "I will just wait and let them work out the kinks" but as soon as I watched the controller reveal, then seeing the console at E3...man I couldn't contain my sony fanboy and just had to get a ps4 as soon as the preorders went up on amazon. I could not wait and think that somebody else has their hands on one and I don't. Lol sad but true.
ARKrug  +   513d ago
You can get amazon eGiftCards and then apply them to your preorder, so you don't have to worry about it charging your account for much when it ships. I have been trying to do at least fifty bucks a week. I don't know why you can't pay it off normally!?
Sevir  +   513d ago
They upped shipment forecast for the PS4 so i think they'll be able to meet launch demand or close to it!!! all I know is that Nov 14th I'll be in comatose untill 10p when i make my way to the gamestop for the midnight release. Killzone, watch_dogs, Resogun and Driveclub PS+ edition. I cant wait!!!
Ketzicorn  +   513d ago
If it's at Gamestop I would reccommend getting there at like 5pm on the day the 14th because they are going to do what they do every console launch and be short. So get their early to make sure you get yours at Midnight.
stuff  +   513d ago

Thank you Amazon. I just saved $60.
Koyes  +   513d ago
To think, someone/something out there is building my PS4 :D
DragonKnight  +   513d ago
Ninjas are building your PS4. That's why it's killing the competition.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   513d ago
Keep em coming Sony
NateCole  +   513d ago
Sony ninjas working overtime.
pandaboy  +   513d ago
Playstation 4 With Launch Day Delivery In Stock? No, money down!

JessiePinkmanYo  +   513d ago
Id jump on this if you STILL haven't preordered. Its September, and the windows of opportunity to own either system are closing fast. I didn't preorder my 360 or Wii last gen and paid through the teeth on eBay.
Also-Beware of WHERE you preordered. Amazon, Gamestop and even Walmart seem to be taking steps to ensure consoles are in their customers hands on launch night as promised. Best Buy has been taking preorders non stop since June, and when I asked if they guarantee me a system on launch night, I was told to "arrive early to ensure that" or very vague answers like "We guarantee a system" but couldn't tell me ON LAUNCH NIGHT. One clerk even said some BS that they will be getting PS4 and X1 deliveries DAILY. After googling past preorders that they screwed up, even iphone which isn't as big, I cancelled and went elsewhere
carmelo43  +   513d ago
Didn't they say orders placed after August5 is not guaranteed launch system
arbitor365  +   513d ago

already back at the #1 spot on amazons best sellers. xbox one is still at #40. the PS4 will dominate
svoulis  +   513d ago
This makes me happy. I am glad to see Sony doing so well again :D.

On top of that I checked Xbox one and the release date says

Release Date: December 31, 2013

Anytime I have seen this release date, it usually means something bad (usually delays or companies have no specific time). Has it always said December 31, 2013 or is this some kind of indication of why Microsoft hasn't given us a ship date yet.

Anyone know?
JessiePinkmanYo  +   513d ago
Svoulis-seriously...if X1 is delayed that far out from the PS4, I'm just gonna cancel my X1 order and put the cash on games for my PS4. The lack of release date from MS AND the scaling back the regions it was initially going to launch in simultaneously isn't a good sign.
stevehyphen  +   513d ago
It's just a placeholder date. December 31 is used to keep it in the calendar year of release when the exact date is not known. I've seen it used by BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and ebgames for many different things.
HectorSalemanca  +   513d ago
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!
SaulGoodman  +   513d ago
Better call Saul.
AHall88  +   513d ago
Wow, I just about gave up on getting a PS4 at launch. Now I just have to decide what games to preorder, Watch Dogs for sure, maybe Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA?
Ketzicorn  +   513d ago
Not a Killzone fan?
AHall88  +   513d ago
Nope, I prefer modern shooters rather than sci fi or any other type.
Freedomland  +   512d ago
It's a personal preference and you have the right to do so.
ScubaSteve1  +   513d ago
WHAT THE HECK. I cant even get release date on my shipping. I pre-ordered it on June 10, 2013 for 394.94
Ketzicorn  +   513d ago
Email their customer service.
AxeCain  +   513d ago
pre-order status - complete
Mr_InterNational  +   513d ago
I just pre-order it! Just a tip for some of you guys! Apply for PLAYSTATION CREDIT CARD if you haven't and get a $50 PSN CODE or a 1yr PS PLUS (your choice) with first purchase you make on PSN Store! Once card gets billed/charged, you will get an e-mail with code! You must register at sonyrewards.com to select your choice!

NOW, I need to apply for Amazon CREDIT CARD and get that $50 gift deal and make good use of it! Afterwards if you're not a CC junkie then cut up the card and that's it!
#27 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
unless gamestop is doing a midnight release i dont think so on getting it first on amazon.
NeutralXP  +   513d ago
Funny even if Ps4 was free I wouldn't take it ....its not even worth its current price tag
#29 (Edited 513d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(20) | Report | Reply
Freedomland  +   513d ago
You wrote it when you were high or somebody must have threatened you to write such a comment.
Eonjay  +   513d ago
That is utter BS. I'm getting PS4 like everyone else but if the Xbox was free I would gladly take it.
TriangleOffense  +   513d ago
Pass still, not enough games to justify rushing into next gen
PurpHerbison  +   513d ago
I agree.
worldwidegaming  +   512d ago
This makes total sense. But, they need to go into it with a bang!
I think that they will be having games for all platforms to squeeze the dollar until it screams. No real reasonto upgrade but, if you have the money its best to do it.
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